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Artwork Selection Criteria

Priest- The Call Back 9301170The selection criteria for Public Art Projects and pieces included in the Permanent Collection are based on a standard set of guidelines. The Criteria are created to ensure a lasting collection endearing to the diverse intellect of the Orlando community. The criteria are:

  • Representation – Does the artwork represent a notion or idea valued by sectors of the community?
  • Historical – Does the artwork have historical value?
  • Impact – Does the artwork have emotional, inspirational or intellectual impact?
  • Budgetary – The maintenance, installation, transportation and purchase price of the piece must be considered.
  • Safety – Does the work meet safety standards?
  • Technicality – Is the design technically feasible?
  • Creativity – Is the design visionary and creative?
  • Quality – Is the work of the highest quality?

The City of Orlando continues to expand its permanent art collection and to acquire additional major works. Learn more