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Selection Process

Project Selection

Appleby- Daily Chores 9701892A project begins with a specific need or an area where artwork is desired. Requests may be made by the private, public or business communities for artwork in specific locations on or near City Property. Projects may be initialized in response to an obvious lack of artwork on or near city property. Commemorative events or memorials may also initialize projects. In addition, art projects may be initialized by project guidelines that have incorporated artwork into the design and construction of a project.

Site Selection

A basic factor in art selection is the site for the artwork or vise versa. The appropriateness of the artwork to the site and the site to the artwork are basic considerations. In addition, the site location is determined by the accessibility to the public. The Public Art Program focuses on placing artwork in varied locations throughout the city to benefit its multiple communities.

Artist Selection

Artists are selected with three criteria in mind:

  • Lotspeich- Blue Mountians in Moonlight 9400291Appropriateness: Artists are selected based on the appropriateness of their proposal to the project.
  • Communication: The artist must have the ability to clearly communicate concepts both visually and through clearly written materials.
  • Performance: Does the artist have a good professional history of being able to work cooperatively and finish projects on time?

Artist Selection Process

Finding the right artist for a project is the highest priority to the Public Art Program and The Public Art Advisory Board. The standard artist selection process is designed to ensure only the highest quality, skilled and appropriate professionals are chosen. The key to the program’s success is a six-step process:

  1. The goals of the project must be clearly defined.
  2. Calls to artists are placed on the Public Art Website. When the Public Art Registry is reviewed then artist professionals and organizations may be notified.
  3. The Public Art Coordinator utilizes his expert knowledge to review initial submissions and to provide the Public Art Advisory Board with the most appropriate proposals for their review.
  4. The Public Art Board reviews and narrows down the selection.
  5. The finalists present a more developed proposal to the Board.
  6. A final artist selection is made for the project based on board approval and contributing opinions from directly related organizations and their representatives.

There are several types of art and artist selection processes: Open competitions, Limited competitions, Invitational, Direct selection, Mixed process and Direct Purchase.

Open competitions
Jabbur-Twins 9601549Following public announcement of a project any artist or organization may submit proposals, as indicated by the notification. The competition is a two step process in which initial proposals are submitted and narrowed, then followed by a second request to submit a more developed proposal.

Limited competitions
The limited competition is defined by certain parameters. For example, the guidelines may define that the artist or organization must reside within 150 miles of the City of Orlando or work only in a specific medium.

One or more artists may be invited to submit proposals for a specific project.

Direct selection
An artist or design team is selected directly for a Public Art project. This process is enacted only during circumstances, which deem other processes impractical such as time constraints or very particular project requirements.

Mixed selection
This is a two-fold process that combines any two of the previously mentioned processes.

Direct purchase
A completed piece of work is purchased for a specific site or project.