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About Main Street and Market Street

MSEconimcImpactInfographicThe Main Street Four-Point Approach™ is a community-driven, comprehensive methodology used to revitalize older, traditional business districts throughout the United States. It is a common-sense way to address the variety of issues and problems that face traditional business districts. The underlying premise of the Main Street approach is to encourage economic development within the context of historic preservation in ways appropriate to today’s marketplace. The Main Street Approach advocates a return to community self-reliance, local empowerment and the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts based on their unique assets: distinctive architecture, a pedestrian-friendly environment, personal service, local ownership and a sense of community.

The Main Street Four-Point Approach™ is a comprehensive strategy that is tailored to meet local needs and opportunities. It encompasses work in four distinct areas — Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotion and Organization — that are combined to address all of the commercial district’s needs. The philosophy and the Eight Guiding Principles behind this methodology make it an effective tool for community-based, grassroots revitalization efforts. The Main Street approach has been successful in communities of all sizes, both rural and urban.

The Main Street approach is incremental; it is not designed to produce immediate change. In order to succeed, a long-term revitalization effort requires careful attention to every aspect of the designated area — a process that takes time and requires leadership and local capacity building.

The Market Street program has been specifically designed for the City of Orlando. Neighborhood commercial districts that are unable to meet the National Trust Main Street Center’s 10-point criteria for National Accreditation for Main Street are eligible for this program.

This enables the City of Orlando to abide by the National Trust Main Street Center’s trademark and “Use of the Name” policy, while still providing training and technical assistance to individual neighborhood commercial districts throughout the City.

Job Opportunity

Program Manager

Ivanhoe Village Main Street is seeking a highly motivated, dynamic, energetic, creative, and organized person to serve as the full-time manager of the Ivanhoe Village Main Street Program. The successful candidate will be the central figure in assisting with the development and revitalization efforts in the Ivanhoe Village Main Street District and will manage all aspects of the operations of the Ivanhoe Village Main Street program. This includes administrative duties, community outreach, public relations, fund raising, event planning and coordination, marketing, membership management, and day to day activities.  The program manager will further the Board of Directors strategic goals for the district and will coordinate with the City of Orlando Main Street Program Coordinator and other Orlando Main Street districts.  The Program Manager will report to the Ivanhoe Village Main Street Board of Directors. This is a full-time position with some after hour events and meetings required. Salary has a range of $30,000 – $35,000 and will be commensurate with experience. Click here to learn more about the position and how to apply.


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