Orlando Enterprise Zone Program


The Enterprise Zone program was established in 1982 by the State of Florida to encourage the retention and expansion of businesses within designated areas. The Enterprise Zone is a geographic area that is eligible for tax incentives and other benefits. The goals of the Enterprise Zone are to stimulate the creation of new jobs and to enhance the social and economic well-being of affected neighborhoods.


  • Jobs Tax Creation Incentives: Up to $2,000 per job annually
  • Property Tax Exemption: Up to $50,000 earned credit on Florida income tax
  • Machinery and Equipment Sales Tax Refund: Up to $10,000 per parcel
  • Building Materials Sales Tax Refund: Up to $10,000 per parcel
  • Community Contribution Tax Credit: Credit on contributions of cash, real property or other donations up to $200,000 per year, made to non-profit organizations located within the Enterprise Zone


  • Eligible businesses must be located within the City of Orlando/Orange County Enterprise Zone boundaries.
  • If more than 20% of a business’s employees reside in the Enterprise Zone, the company may earn higher tax credits and exemptions.

Program Documents

Enterprise Zone Incentives

Applications and Forms

For more information, please contact Business Development at 407.246.2821 or visit the Florida Enterprise Zone website at www.floridaenterprisezones.com.

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