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Historic Preservation Tax Exemption Program


In 1992, Florida voters overwhelming approved an amendment to the Florida State Constitution authorizing local governments to provide a partial ad valorem property tax exemption to owners of Florida historic properties who restore, rehabilitate or renovate those structures.  The City of Orlando created an ad valorem exemption for qualifying improvements of historic properties to provide a positive financial incentive of designation of Orlando Historic Landmarks and districts; to encourage restoration of designated historic structures; to stabilize and improve property values; and to improve the appearance of designated historic landmarks and contributing structures within the HP overlay districts.

The ten year exemption, is applied to the City portion of the annual property tax bill. This exemption offsets some of the costs of rehabilitating and renovating historic structures within Orlando’s historic districts and local landmarks. The exemption period continues in force even if the applicant subsequently sells the property.

The process begins with a pre-application meeting with the HPO to determine qualifying projects.  Please call the Historic Preservation Office at 407.246.3416 to set up a meeting to determine the eligibility of a project.  The tax exemption can not be applied to projects after completion or while in progress. Please contact the Historic Preservation Office prior to any building permits being issued.

Steps and Information

Part 1: Pre-Construction Application