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Illustrated Guidebook


This Illustrated Guidebook provides a comprehensive summary of the guidelines and standards which pertain to the Southeast Orlando Sector Plan. However, this Illustrated Guidebook is not an officially adopted document. The City’s Growth Management Plan and Chapter 68 of the City’s Land Development Code provide the specific policy and land development standards applicable to the Southeast Orlando Sector Plan area. Where conflicts exist, the adopted GMP and LDC Chapter 68 shall prevail.

SE Sector Plan Map - Click for full size PDF

SE Sector Plan Map

All files are in PDF format.

Download Complete Guidebook (2.87 MB)

  1. Introduction
  2. Growth Management Policy Framework
  3. Land Use Guidelines & Standards
  4. Building Guidelines & Standards
  5. Circulation Guidelines & Standards
  6. Street Cross-Sections
  7. Open Space Guidelines & Standards
  8. Plan Benefits
  9. Administrative Review Procedures
  10. Definitions

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Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin Lopez Rinehart, Inc.
Economic & Planning Systems
Market Perspectives
WBQ Engineering
Lotspeich and Associates, Inc.

With refinements presented by Miller-Sellen Associates
and revisions by City of Orlando Planning & Development Department