Virginia/Lake Highland Transportation & Land Use Study


As a City, we have focused on strategic growth to ensure that where growth happens and what type of growth happens is quality development that benefits our community through a variety of uses and both preserves and enhances quality of life for our residents.

Key to this effort is working with residents and businesses to develop long-range visioning and planning guidelines that further support and ensure this strategic growth.

To further this, the City studies the Virginia Drive corridor and neighborhoods in the surrounding area.  This area has become a popular and vibrant location that continues to attract new small businesses as well as residential redevelopment.  

The study looks at transportation infrastructure opportunities to enhance the area for all modes of travel using our complete streets approach.  Additionally, as part of this study, the City obtained input from the community to develop a vision for the future of this area together with a focus on maintaining the character of the area and vitality of the businesses there.

By planning for strategic growth in this way, the City continues to focus on ensuring we preserve Orlando’s neighborhoods and residential areas while we grow as a City.


Community Meeting #1 – August 1, 2016

Community Meeting #2 – September 20, 2016

Community Meeting #3 – October 26, 2016


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