Domestic Partner Registry

We are excited to be the first government in Central Florida to establish a Domestic Partnership Registry and to take the important step of giving same-sex couples some of the same, basic rights other couples in committed relationships have.

The City of Orlando values its diversity. We are incredibly proud to have played a leadership role in this effort and to make Central Florida a more inclusive place for everybody, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

Cultivating an image of diversity and inclusiveness will also serve as an additional economic development tool as our community looks to attract new employers and create jobs for all of our residents.


Buddy Dyer

Domestic Partnership Registration Affidavit (SAMPLE)

Domestic Partnership Termination Affidavit

Frequently Asked Questions

Orange County Comptroller Records Search:  To search Orange County Domestic Partner Registry forms, go to the Comptroller’s homepage, place your cursor over the words “Official Records” on the header row and choose “Search Official Records” from the dropdown menu.

Orange County HELP (Health Education and Life Protections) and Domestic Partner Registry (DPR)

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