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Compensation— Monetary consideration of any kind, either received or expected. Compensation includes, but is not limited to: salary, payment, retainer, commission, forbearance, forgiveness or any combination thereof. For the purposes of this section, compensation refers to something of monetary value.

Lobbying— Any communication, written or oral, between a lobbyist and any member of City Council, the staff decision maker or board member wherein the discussion covers matters which are or may be pending before City Council, the staff decision maker or the respective board in order to influence the action or inaction of the City Council, staff decision maker or the respective board. The definition of lobbying includes appearances before City Council and boards but does not include the act of filing an application on behalf of or as authorized agent for another.

Lobbyist— Any person who engages in lobbying, as defined herein, for compensation from one of the following:

  1. An entity other than his or her employer
  2. Any entity, including his or her employer, if a principal function of his or her position is lobbying or governmental relations

Staff Decision Makers— The following employees of the City of Orlando have been delegated final decision making authority by ordinance to make decisions on behalf of the City:

  • Appearance Review Officer
  • Building Official
  • Deputy Building Official
  • City Engineer
  • Fire Marshall
  • Historic Preservation Officer
  • Planning Official
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Vehicle for Hire Administrator
  • Zoning Official

Prohibitions on Lobbying of Board Members

Lobbying of the members of all City boards by lobbyists is prohibited outside of open, posted public meetings. However, lobbyists may provide written documents and information to the Recording Secretary of any city board for dissemination to all board members in advance of any city board meeting. Lobbying at public meetings is subject to the registration and reporting requirements.
The prohibitions and requirements are in addition to the City’s Public Works and Procurements and Contracts Division policies, which prohibit proposers from any communication with Council members, selection committee members and City staff (with the exception of the assigned staff member), regarding the procurement process until a final award is made.


All lobbyists must register at the time of lobbying or no later than the City business day after such lobbying. Registration provides the lobbyist’s name, business address and the name and business address of the person, firm, corporation, principal or other entity providing compensation to the lobbyist. The City Clerk provides the lobbyist registration forms and holds them in their offices for storage and public inspection. This registration requirement applies to all lobbyist activity, whether it takes place in City offices or outside City officesd

Lobbyist Registration Form


Violation of any provision of this section shall be punishable as provided in section 1.08, Orlando City Code. Failure of any lobbyist to comply with the provisions of this section shall not in any way affect the validity of any action taken by City Council or any City official.

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