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Lobbyist Q&A

The following are frequently asked questions regarding all aspects of the City of Orlando’s Lobbyists.

Who are lobbyists?

People who “engage in lobbying” for compensation on behalf of  someone other than their employer or their employer, if the principal function of the person’s job is lobbying/government relations

What does it mean to “engage in lobbying?”

Lobbying is written or oral communication with City Council, Board member, or Staff Decision Maker in an attempt to influence action or inaction on a matter coming before City Council, Board member, or Staff Decision Maker.

Lobbying includes appearances at City Council and other City Board meetings.

Who are not lobbyists?

  • Employees/reps of other government agencies discussing the business of their government
  • Law enforcement personnel conducting an active investigation
  • Organizations contracted by City Council member
  • Person appearing under subpoena
  • Person under contract with City
  • Individual applicants, property owners, neighbors acting on own behalf

What are the requirements for lobbyists?

Annual registration
Reporting of contacts
Financial Disclosure

How does this ordinance affect Board members?

Lobbyists are prohibited from directly contacting Board members outside of posted public meetings.

What are the penalties for violating this ordinance?

Prosecution under City Code Section 1.08 ($500.00 fine and/or 60 days in jail).
Lobbyists are penalized, not City Council, Staff Decision Maker or Board member.
Board action is still valid.


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