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Westbrook Apartments Public Records

The City of Orlando is working to respond to the multiple Public Records Act requests which were made following the shooting of Officer Valencia and the deaths of four children. Because of the length of the incident, some of the records requested are voluminous and require review and redaction in compliance with the many Florida law exemptions designed to protect the privacy of the victims and the integrity of the investigation. The majority of records have been requested by multiple people, organizations or agencies, and to expedite distribution of these requests, those releasable records will be posted here. If we have had multiple requests for items which are exempt or exempt and confidential under Florida law, the city will also post information relating to the applicable statutory exemption from disclosure on this page as well. We will continue to fulfill individual requests as the documents become available.

To make a new Public Records Act request, you can submit your request at

Uploaded June 20, 2018