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Code Enforcement Board

The authority for the code enforcement process is rooted in Chapter 162 of the Florida Statutes. This board is a quasi-judicial—meaning “like court”—body, which hears and adjudicates cases involving code violations as identified and prosecuted by various City agencies. If a property owner is found guilty of a violation, the board establishes a timeframe in which the violations must be corrected, and a penalty for failure to correct the violation. Florida Statute authorizes the board to impose a penalty of up to $500 per day per violation, and the board may authorize the imposition of liens and foreclosure proceedings.

Board members are all residents of the City of Orlando who volunteer for service, and are generally selected to serve based on their experience in relative fields, particularly, architecture, general contracting, sub-contracting, real estate, engineering and business. Members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and serve three-year terms.

  1. Calendar – 2015 – Code Board Hearings
  2. Hearing Agendas and Minutes
  3. Forms and Applications
  4. Code Board Policy and Procedures
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