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                                                                        Commissioner Tony Ortiz

Commissioner Antonio “Tony” Ortiz was born in Puerto Rico, moved to Florida in 1984, and has been residing in the City of Orlando since 1989. When he moved to Florida he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps, beginning his career in public service. During his time in the USMC, Commissioner Ortiz served the country for nine years between active duty and the reserves, also fighting in the Persian Gulf War.

After serving, Commissioner Ortiz attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with his Bachelor of Science. In addition to his degree, Commissioner Ortiz also became a certified Crime Prevention Practitioner in the state of Florida, specializing in Elder and Disabled Crime and Prevention through Environmental Design. After graduating, Ortiz strayed off the path of public service and worked in accounting and banking for four years.

When Commissioner Ortiz realized his true passion for public service could not be dismissed, he joined the Orlando Police Department and served for 14 years. During his time at OPD he served in a number of specialized units including the Gang Unit, Drug Unit, S.W.A.T. and the East Patrol Task Force (EPTF) working tirelessly against crime in the city. Then, in 2008, Commissioner Ortiz ran and became elected City of Orlando District 2 Commissioner.

Commissioner Ortiz worked proactively in his community and pioneered the implementation of the concept of Neighborhood and Business Councils. He believes in taking a proactive approach to maintain communities and merchants involved with city government and law enforcement while keeping the local government abreast of the community issues and merchants’ problems. Due to his belief, Commissioner Ortiz further drove the Business Council to become the first business association in District 2, known as Gateway Orlando, formerly, the Semoran Business Partnership. Soon after, Gateway Orlando successfully obtained the Market Street Program designation which works to enhance businesses in certain areas of the City.

Commissioner Ortiz led the revitalization of the City of Orlando District 2 by initiating a Vision Plan to re-develop the Semoran corridor. This corridor is the main gate to the City of Orlando from Orlando International Airport and his initiative has created over 1,600 jobs.

Commissioner Ortiz continued his work as an elected official and opened the first Seniors vs. Crime Office in Orlando; a special project of the Florida Office of the Attorney General. The Seniors vs. Crime Project was created to reinforce the message of crime prevention and to provide methods by which Florida’s senior population could be alerted to consumer fraud, con games, and other criminal acts. In partnership with Valencia College and the Orange County School Board, Commissioner Ortiz also created the Central Florida Public Service Career & College Readiness Program, whose goal is to establish a path for younger generations to start familiarizing themselves with public service disciplines while in preparatory school.

Recently, in alliance with the Orlando Coalition, Commissioner Ortiz led the efforts to pass the Trust Act Policy and Resolution with the hopes of creating a better sense of trust between OPD and undocumented citizens.

Commissioner is highly involved and has been a part of many organizations:

  • Alumni of University of Central Florida
  • 2015 Mayor Pro Tempore of the City of Orlando
  • Florida League of Cities –
    • Chairman of Transportation & Intergovernmental Relations Committee
    • Board of Directors, 2011- Present
    • Transportation and Intergovernmental Relations Legislative Policy Committee, 2014 & 2015 Member
    • Executive Board Member, 2016 – Present
    • Finance, Taxation Committee Member, 2013
    • International Relations Committee Member, 2013
  • Florida Abolitionist – Board Member, 2016 – Present
  • Tri-County League of Cities
    • Board of Directors, 2013 President
    • Board of Directors, 2012 Vice President
  • City of Orlando, Mayor Pro Tem 2009 – 2010 and 2010 – 2011
  • After School All Star Board of Directors, Member
  • Heart of Florida United Way Board of Directors, 2014 & 2015 Member
  • Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO) Member
  • Earthweb Foundation Board, Member
  • Central Florida Marine Corps Foundation, Member
  • National Latino Peace Officer Association –
    • Former President of the Central Florida Chapter 2007 – 2008
    • Central Florida Chapter, Treasurer, 2004 – 2006
  • “Trabajando Juntos” (Working Together Group), Member
  • Member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner
  • Florida Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner
  • Florida Elder Crime Prevention Practitioner