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District Updates

On June 12, 2016 we experienced the most horrific event in our City’s history. 49 innocent lives were cut short in a cowardly act of violence. The City of Orlando was distraught when we heard the heartbreaking news of the shooting at Pulse Nightclub. But in the aftermath, we are so proud of our community for coming together to support the victims and families. Now, June 12th will always be Orlando United Day.
The onePULSE Foundation is hosting a public remembrance ceremony on June 12th at 7 p.m. to bring together the community to honor the 49 angels, the survivors and the first responders in a public gathering at the interim Pulse Memorial (1912 S Orange Avenue).  This is an event for families, survivors, first responders and anyone who wishes to remember together. Please visit onepulsefoundation.org for more information about this and the many other events this month.
I hope you will also join me this month in participating in acts of compassion and kindness as a way to honor the victims and survivors of the Pulse tragedy. Please share your stories of volunteerism at #ActLoveGive so we can all see the many ways we continue to be OrlandoUnited.
Warm Regards,

Happy Father’s Day

Leu Gardens makes it easy to spend time with dads on Father’s Day as their admission is free on June 17th. Leu Gardens is also a great place to pick up some good landscaping tips as we enter the summer season.
Another great activity to share with dad is Superhero Week! Orlando Science Center is turning the recently renovated KidsTown into a superhero metropolis to celebrate all heroes, big and small! Throughout the week, you’re invited to come and learn what it takes to be an everyday superhero at home and in the community.
The Orlando City Soccer games are another great way to spend some time with Dad! Check out their website for more information!
Another fun way to spend time with dads who are sports aficianados is the 25th Annual Mascot Games, benefitting New Hope For Kids. This event, where mascots compete to be the best, returns to the Amway Center for two exciting shows: Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23. Click here for more information!

Hurricane Season is Here!

Florida’s rainy season began on May 15th and today marks the beginning of another hurricane season. During this season, Florida typically receives about 36 inches of rain. Here are some ways to be prepared for the upcoming season.
What can I do to avoid flooding in my home?
• Keep materials like sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber handy for emergencies.
• Check with a plumber regarding a valve to prevent sewer backups.
• Make sure that drainage ditches are clear of debris and functioning properly.
• If you know that a flood is coming, move valuable contents upstairs or to a safe location.
Another way to be prepared is by buying supplies early and before we have anything heading our way. From June 1-7, save on sales tax on eligible emergency items including reusable ice packs, flashlights, gas containers, radios, tarps and generators. Avoid the lines and be prepared for the storms ahead of time!
Links to additional emergency preparedness resources:
You can also get involved and assist in emergency situations.
The City of Orlando’s Citizen Information Line is a vital communications tool for our residents during emergencies.
Volunteers answer non-emergency phone calls during shifts at the Emergency Operation Center. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Julie Tindall at julie.tindall@cityoforlando.net.
You can also volunteer after a disaster during the recovery effort. Don’t wait until the last minute to get trained. Learn how to protect yourself, your family and get ready to help others. Please visit our Resources section for a list of organizations that could use your help!

Advice from our OPD Liaison Officer

Corporal Kevlon Kirkpatrick

Please keep in mind public school has ended, and summertime has arrived. You may notice an increase in foot traffic as well as landscaping company activity throughout your communities, during the day. Take the time now to inspect your lighting, locks, and make sure the landscaping around your home is not overgrown to help deter crime and maintain a safe neighborhood.
Please do NOT leave your garage open and unattended! This increases the opportunity for criminal activity.
If you are interested in installing or replacing your garage opening systems:
-Consider models that can timed to close automatically after a set time has elapsed
-Consider models that can be opened or closed via your mobile phone
During your spring cleaning of your property and home:
-Check to see if you have items that could block your garage door from closing properly
-Inspect your garage system for broken or faulty chains, railings, and rods
-If going out of town for long periods, feel free to padlock the rails to prevent them from raising and also unplug the unit from its outlet while gone
Please take the time to secure your vehicles:
-Report suspicious activities. You, the resident, know what activity is normal for your area. Call 911 when you see or hear something suspicious.
-Remove everything from your vehicle and then lock the vehicle. Even if the item is not of value to you, it may be of value to a criminal. We have unfortunately seen all kinds of bags get stolen from cars, from gym bags to diaper bags, so please don’t leave anything visible.
-Set your car alarm.
-Park in well lit areas.
-Make sure you have serial numbers recorded for the valuable property you own and consider engraving items that are easily pawned with “This property stolen from and your driver’s license number”