District 4

Commissioner Patty Sheehan

As your city commissioner, I am pleased to welcome you to our webpage.  I hope to utilize this space to add one more level of communication with the residents of District 4 and provide you with a wealth of information related to the district and our great city.  You will also be able to access answers and links to frequently asked questions and City information.  Also, please check the website every month to learn about exciting events taking place in the district, as well as events and meetings I will be attending or hosting so that I may better understand the needs of the district and the great residents I proudly represent on the Orlando City Council.

I look forward to continuing to work with you on building an even stronger sense of community. I think one of the key components to making this happen is to provide citizens with easy-to-access information about what is happening in our district, and that is where the website becomes important.

If you have an event or meeting that you would like added to the calendar, or if you just have a question or comment about the site, please don’t hesitate to contact my office.

Also, PLEASE NOTE I do not use Twitter or MySpace (but I am on Facebook), and anyone who claims to be “Patty Sheehan” on these other sites is an imposter.

Please see the District Updates page for information on the Summerlin/Richmond Street Construction Project.

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon!


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