About Chairman Durrani


8238890Hello City of Orlando!

I am Ahsan Durrani. I attend Freedom High School in Orange County. I have served City of Orlando District 5’s youth residents since January 2015, Under the District 5 Youth Advisory Board’s strong form of government, I have also volunteered with the City of Orlando since December 2014.

I, Chairman Durrani, serve as the District’s Chief Youth Executive and also help  govern and direct the youth in the right direction of success with the many resources of the board. I also oversee the operations of the youth advisory board and the growth of its District 5 youth.

My primary aim is to assist young individuals that may not have knowledge of the opportunities that they may qualify for them to reach THEIR success goals.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
– H. Jackson Brown Jr.



 Connect Youth to Career Opportunities

The City of Orlando District 5 Youth Advisory Board works to ensure that it’s youth has their career paths laid out. The board works with the to connect them to their dream jobs. While opening to to many opportunities such as internship and job shadows. In America quite a few youth have doors opened to them. The board ensures that they always have a door open to them for opportunities.

Community Outreach

What better way to give back to your community than community outreach? The City of Orlando District 5 Youth Advisory Board is heavily involved with community outreach. Participating in community cleanups and much more connecting with the youth.

Keeping Youth Safe

The City of Orlando District 5 Youth Advisory Board works to ensure that the youth of it’s district is safe and out of trouble and harm-sway. The board works have events and initiatives to keep our fellow youth busy and working.

End Juvenile Violence

Commissioner Hill’s stands tall on non violence initiatives. As her board we stand tall with her. The City of Orlando District 5 Youth Advisory Board is set to visit juvenile delinquents and offer them the same assistance. Offer them peer mentoring and much more. Along with promoting non violence through the district.

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