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Mission of the Economic Development Department
To stimulate and guide the development of a vibrant, livable city that nurtures a creative, diverse and balanced economy for Orlando’s citizens, businesses and visitors

The Economic Development Department is comprised of nearly 200 employees encompassing six City divisions: Planning, Permitting Services, Code Enforcement, Business Development, Transportation Planning and Downtown Development Board/Community Redevelopment Agency (DDB/CRA). The Economic Development Department is a prompt, predictable and customer service-oriented team, creating a unified operation that delivers all City of Orlando economic development services.

What We Do

Business Development Division

The Business Development Division recognizes the importance of nurturing relationships with the business community. This is accomplished by offering assistance with the development process, helping business owners tap into available resources and providing avenues for businesses to achieve success. The Business Development Division, in coordination with the City’s economic development organizations, coordinates the City’s business recruitment and retention efforts.

 City Planning Division

The City Planning Division inspires and facilitates the development of a diverse and sustainable community to make Orlando more livable for its citizens, businesses and visitors.

 Code Enforcement Division

The Code Enforcement Division protects the public health, safety and welfare and improves the aesthetic character of the City of Orlando through the enforcement of City codes.

 Community Redevelopment Agency/ Downtown Development Board

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) aggressively pursues redevelopment and revitalization activities within the Redevelopment Area, with emphasis on providing more housing and cultural arts opportunities, improving long-term transportation needs and encouraging retail development in Downtown Orlando.

The Downtown Development Board (DDB) strengthens the role of Downtown Orlando as the economic, governmental and cultural center of Central Florida. The DDB is responsible for the planning, implementation and administration of Downtown Orlando’s core area redevelopment and development program.

 Permitting Services Division

The Permitting Services Division protects the health, safety and welfare of the citizens, while preserving and enhancing the aesthetic character of Orlando through the issuance of building permits, business licenses and the inspection of construction.

 Transportation Planning Division

The Transportation Planning Division promotes sustainable growth and the livability of Orlando by developing transportation systems integrated with land use patterns that offer residents and visitors travel choices and convenient access to goods, services, information, jobs, schools, recreation and civic involvement.

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