Creative Village Importance

Why is it important to me?

The Creative Village means new jobs and a diversified economy for our community. The job creation study for the Creative Village estimates an additional 6,500 jobs in the local economy during the construction period. At buildout, there will be close to 5,000 permanent jobs, with more than 8,000 total Creative Village related jobs in the local economy.

If I live in Parramore… The Creative Village will help support Parramore through targeted redevelopment activities designed to improve the neighborhood’s existing public recreational facilities, upgrade or rebuild the educational facilities in the Parramore neighborhood and introduce a new mix of affordable, attainable and market-rate residential units to the community. In addition, the development includes plans for parks, green space and future neighborhood services such as a grocery, drug store, full service banking options and greater access to health care.

If I live Downtown… The Creative Village will build on Downtown Orlando’s flourishing digital media industry by providing a unique platform to attract businesses, colleges and universities, workers and students to a place that is tailor-made for their creative lifestyles.

If I live in Orlando… The Creative Village will generate more than $10 million in annual property tax revenues to support City services. In addition, the Creative Village will have a daytime population of roughly 10,000 professionals, students, residents and visitors. The Creative Village will become a new destination for Central Floridians to enjoy as a new urban neighborhood anchored by education and serving the creative class. There will be new parks and green spaces as well as industry-leading sustainable development practices. Above all, having this unique platform to attract new businesses will diversify our economy, which benefits our entire region.

Parramore and Creative Village visitors and residents will also have greater access to public transportation. The Creative Village is adjacent to LYNX Central Station which is the primary station in Downtown Orlando for the SunRail commuter rail line. Creative Village development plans also involve the expansion of the LYNX LYMMO bus circulator system which will serve Creative Village, Parramore and the west side of Downtown Orlando with service expected to begin in 2016. Proximity to SunRail and LYNX Central Station will provide Creative Village and Parramore with improved regional access to jobs, education, social services, government facilities, entertainment, civic and cultural assets and many more opportunities.

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