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Impact Fees

The City of Orlando collects transportation, sewer and school impact fees. Commercial projects are assessed transportation and sewer impact fees and residential projects are assessed transportation, sewer and school impact fees.

Below is a breakdown of each impact fee and how it is calculated.

Transportation Impact Fee

**Effective March 1, 2018, Transportation Impact Fees will increase in the City of Orlando. The new rates and categories will affect building permits for new buildings, additions and change of uses. Permits issued on or after March 1, 2018 will be assessed using the new rates. Transportation Impact fees are assessed by the City of Orlando Transportation Department to improve and expand the City’s transportation network.**

Transportation Impact Fees are calculated based on the square footage of the use and the location of the business within the City limits.
Below is a list of “common” uses and their associated transportation impact fee rates:

Type of UseSquare FootageLocation in the CityRateTotal Owed
General Office Use2,000 sq. ft.City Other$4,237$7,626.60
Medical/Dental Office3,500 sq. ft. City Other$11,919$37,544.85
Restaurant2,500 sq. ft. City Other$18,821$42,347.25
General Retail1,800 sq. ft.City Other$6,265$10,149.30
Warehousing20,000 sq. ft.City Other$1,130$20,340
Daycare5,000 sq. ft.City Other$7,196$32,382

For more information on Transportation Impact Fees and to view the rate schedule, please visit the Transportation Planning Division.

Sewer Impact Fee

Sewer Impact Fees are collected for commercial and residential development.  Most sewer impact fee calculations are based on plumbing fixtures.

There are certain uses that have specific rates (shown below) and are calculated by certain units, not plumbing fixtures.

UseUnit Gallons/Day Current RateTotal
Single Family Residential1 unitX250X$10.15$2,537.50
Multi-family Residential 1 unitX190X$10.15$1,928.50
Eating & Drinking Establishment
– Indoor Seat1 seat X24X$10.15$243.60
– Covered Outdoor Seat 1 seatX18X$10.15$182.70
– Uncovered Outdoor Seat1 seatX9X$10.15$91.35
Hotels/Motels1 bedX70X$10.15$710.50
Laundromats1 machineX317X$10.15 $3,217.55
Hospitals1 bedX140X$10.15$1,421
Group Homes/Nursing Homes1 bedX70X$10.15$710.05
Daycare Centers/Schools1 student & 1 staffX13.5X$10.15$274.05
* Eating and drinking establishments includes restaurants, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, etc.
If the business is “take-out” only and contains no seating, the Sewer Benefit Fee is calculated using the plumbing fixtures.

**Sewer impact fees require “as built” drawings in order to document existing sewer capacity for future impact fee credits.

School Impact Fee

School Impact Fees are assessed by Orange County Public Schools and collected by the City of Orlando Permitting Division for any new construction of single family, multi family and mobile home development.

Orange County Public School Impact Fee Rates:

Single-family residentialper unit$8,784
Multi-family residentialper unit$5,919
Mobile homeper unit$6,088
Townhomeper unit$6,930

Park Impact Fee

Park Impact Fees are collected for any new construction of residential development.

Single-family residentialper unit$966
Multi-family residential
(includes duplex or townhome)
per unit$825

Read more information on Park Impact Fees.