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The Orlando Fire Department (OFD) processes requests for public records generated by the general public. These may include, but are not limited to, incident reports, patient care reports, fire investigation reports, data reports, commercial property reports, and fire prevention reports.

Records Requests

Public records requests are not required to be in writing, however, it may assist in processing requests more accurately, quickly and efficiently. Requests can be received by and requested through the City Records and Archive Management Services section or directly through OFD.

How to Make a Public Records Request to OFD

Email: OFDrecords@cityoforlando.net with the individual’s or company’s name. Place in the subject line “Public Record Request”.
Phone: 407.246.2166
Fax: 407.246.2859
Mail requests: Orlando Fire Department, Records Management Section, Attn: Public Records Request, 78 W. Central Blvd., Orlando, FL 32801

The request should specify the preferred method of receiving document copies, either by standard mail (provide mailing address along with an ex-large self-addressed, stamped envelope), via email (provide email address), or copies may be received in person at the Orlando Fire Department, 78 W. Central Blvd., Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


In accordance with all laws, OFD may charge for various aspects of providing public records whenever appropriate. Possible fees related to public records request may include:

  • Copy fee of 15 cents per page
  • Mail or delivery charges
  • Attorney fees, when necessary
  • Personnel costs when employees must be assigned to task specifically dedicated to processing the record request including, but not limited to, locating, gathering, summarizing, compiling, reviewing, or redacting public records and segregating exempt records from those that are non-exempt.
  • Requests to inspect records on-site may include charges for personnel costs incurred while preparing the records for review, and staff oversight and guidance while records are being reviewed.

Patient Care Reports are considered confidential and require the following:

If the person requesting the report is the patient or the parent or legal guardian of the patient, a report may be given in person provided proper documentation is provided. The report may also be released by mail by completing the appropriate release forms. If the person requesting the report is other than someone named above, they must provide a subpoena with proof of notification to the patient/parent or legal guardian of the patient; or by original notarized release forms. Advanced payment of all copying fees is required. No reports are available by fax or email.

For other City of Orlando records requests contact Orlando’s City Clerk’s office:

Custodian of Records:
City Clerk for the City of Orlando

400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
records@cityoforlando.net (Please include the topic of your request in the subject line of your message as well as in the body of the message.)

Visit the City Clerk’s Public Records page.

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