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GIS Data Download

Note: By downloading data contained on this page, the user is accepting the limitations of the data as stated in the *Disclaimer, and has full understanding and is in agreement with its contents. 

Downloads are available as individual shape files or a single complete data set, as a file geodatabase.

Data Publication Date: 10/04/2018

LayerDescriptionTypeData Description
Orlando Bike Lanes
(Zip- 466 KB)
Existing and proposed bicycle travel lanes within OrlandoPolygonMore info
Orlando Bike Parking
(Zip- 210 KB)
Bike parking areas in OrlandoPolygonMore info
Orlando City Owned Real Estate
(Zip- 4.8 MB)
City owned real estate holdingsPolygonMore info
Orlando Commercial Garbage Collection
(Zip- 57 KB)
Commercial garbage collection routesPolygonMore info
Orlando CRA Boundaries
(Zip-77 KB)
Community Redevelopment AreasPolygonMore info
Orlando DDB
(Zip- 53 KB)
Downtown Development Board AreasPolygonMore info
Orlando Future Land Use
(Zip- 2.8 MB)
Future land use descriptionsPolygonMore info
Orlando Garbage Collection
(Zip - 129 KB)
Orlando Garbage collection zonesPolygonMore info
Orlando Garbage Routes
(Zip- 460 KB)
Garbage collection routesPolygonMore info
Orlando Growth Projections
(Zip- 664 KB)
City of Orlando Growth Projections 2030PolygonMore info
Orlando Historic Districts
(Zip- 92 KB)
Local and National Register historic districtsPolygonMore info
Orlando Landmarks
(Zip- 317 KB)
Orlando area landmarksPointsMore info
Orlando Main Street Program
(Zip - 125 KB)
Main Street Program AreasN/AMore info
Orlando Neighborhood Stabilization
(Zip - 91 KB)
Neighborhood Stabilization AreasN/AMore info
(Zip- 169 KB)
Orlando economic enhancement districtPolygonMore info
Orlando Annexations
(Zip- 579 KB)
Areas that have been annexed into the Orlando city limitsPolygonMore info
Orlando City Limits
(Zip- 516 KB)
The incorporated boundary of the City of OrlandoPolygonMore info
Orlando Commissioner Districts
(Zip- 526 KB)
Commissioner districts and Commissioner district boundariesPolygon/LineMore info
Orlando Enterprise Zones
(Zip- 92 KB)
Orlando enterprise zonesPolygonMore info
Orlando MEBA
(Zip- 50 KB)
Orlando minority enterprise business assistance program boundariesPolygonMore info
Orlando Neighborhoods
(Zip- 455 KB)
Orlando neighborhoodsPolygonMore info
(Zip- 403 KB)
Parks within the City of OrlandoPolygonMore info
Orlando Street Centerlines
(Zip- 3.2 MB)
Orlando street centerlinesPolygonMore info
Orlando Zoning
(Gdb - 2.3 MB)
Zoning classifications by areaPolygonMore info
Orlando Police Districts
(Zip- 1.1 MB)
Orlando police districts, sectors, and divisionsPolygonMore info
Orlando Recycled Waste
(Zip - 169 KB)
Recycled waste collection routes/ zones by dayPolygonMore info
Orlando Transportation Impact Fee Fund Area
(Zip - 183 KB)
Orlando transportation impact fee fund areaPolygonMore info
Orlando Urban Job Tax Credit
(Zip - 144 KB)
Orlando urban job tax credit program boundariesPolygonMore info
Orlando Yard Waste Collection
(Zip - 141 KB)
Yard waste collection zones by dayYard waste collection zones by dayMore info
Orlando GIS Data FGDB
(Gdb - 7.3 MB)
Complete GIS data setN/AFile Geodatabase



Data is as current as possible on posting date. The City of Orlando makes no representations or guarantees as to the completeness or accuracy of this data or any provided attribute data. Data is provided as is, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranties that this data is fit for a particular purpose. The City of Orlando shall have no liability whatsoever relative to the use of provided data. Full responsibility and liability relating to the use of provided data rests with the user. GIS data that is obtained from the City of Orlando may have some spatial inaccuracy.