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About Green Works


Mayor Dyer launched Green Works Orlando in 2007 to transform Orlando into one of the most environmentally-friendly, economically and socially vibrant communities in the nation. Green Works Orlando represents our commitment to utilize the City’s regional leadership position to build partnerships and share resources that foster positive environmental changes.

Since 2007, the City has led by example, achieving more than $1 million in annual energy savings. The foundation of Green Works Orlando was built on the concept of promoting environmental stewardship, educating people about “environmentally conscious lifestyles” and encouraging others to incorporate a concern for the environment into the everyday workings of government and private business.

Some Green Works Orlando successes include:

  • Expanded the Downtown LYMMO bus circulator and completed SunRail
  • Launched car-sharing with bike-sharing
  • Performed energy efficiency retrofits to 1,200 houses
  • Completed ten LEED-certified municipal buildings, plus two more currently under construction
  • Completed or approved $19 million in energy efficiency investments to municipal buildings
  • Converted hundreds of fleet vehicles to electric, hybrid, or compressed natural gas
  • Planted 10,000 trees and established five community gardens
  • Increased recycling collection by 35%
  • Adopted the 2012 Municipal Operations Sustainability Plan and the 2013 Green Works Orlando Community Action Plan

The ultimate beneficiaries of our work will be our children and grandchildren. We are continuing our efforts to guide Orlando on a course toward long-term sustainability. Working together, we can make a cleaner, greener and better Orlando for generations to come.

Our seven focus areas and our strategies for each of them:


In 2018, Orlando is a national leader in energy efficiency for new and existing commercial buildings that reduce waste and pollution, while saving businesses and residents significant amounts of money. Click Here to Learn More!In 2018, Orlando provides opportunities for residents and businesses to grow local food, increase the number of food entrepreneurs, and become a food tourism destinationClick Here to Learn More!FocusAreasSliders2016_3

In 2018, Orlando is a hub for green companies and green jobs that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources. Click Here to Learn More!


In 2018, Orlando demonstrates the positive effects of shaded neighborhoods, parks and retail districts where people feel comfortable walking in the summer. Click Here to Learn More!

In 2018, Orlando uses technologies that allow for recycling or energy development for most of our wasteClick Here to Learn More!


In 2018, Orlando has more transportation options that fully support the creative economy and make all parts of our city a desirable place to live, work and visit. Click Here to Learn More!


In 2018, Orlando is known for sustainable water management practices that are focused on efficiency, quality, and recreation. Click Here to Learn More!