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Community Initiatives

City Energy Project

The City Energy Project is a national initiative to create healthier and more prosperous American cities by improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Working in partnership, Orlando will develop innovative, practical solutions that cut energy waste, boost local economies, and reduce harmful pollution.



Orlando Municipal Operations Sustainability Plan

An examination of ongoing operations, areas of improvement and aggressive goals that will enhance economic opportunity through environmental investment.


Orlando’s Urban Tree Canopy Study


An assessment of urban forests within the limits of the City of Orlando conducted during the summer of 2010. This publication is based on this assessment and provides information on the structure and composition of Orlando’s urban forest, the occurrence of invasive trees in the City, the ecosystem services trees provide – including estimating the mitigation of climate change effects and their role in urban hydrology – and how this information can be used to define sustainable urban planning objectives and goals

Get Ready Central Florida


A coalition of state and local governments, utility providers, businesses, and electric vehicle enthusiasts committed to preparing Central Florida for the early release of highway-ready, plug-in electric vehicles. Through research, education, and implementation, GRCF will prepare Central Florida for electric vehicle transportation and the charging infrastructure to sustain it.


Orlando Runs on Sun


Led by the City of Orlando, the Green Future Alliance members have worked together to develop a strategic framework that identifies appropriate methods of integrating solar and other sustainable development practices into all major sectors of Central Florida.


Central Florida Energy Efficiency Alliance (CFEEA)

Provides a unified voice for professional and trade organizations, local government, academia, and utilities, who are committed to research, education and implementation of environmentally and socially responsible energy and building management practices that conserve energy and natural resources.