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Food Systems

Food systems can be very complex. From growing the food we eat, to processing, packaging, transportation and end sales, food can travel long miles to reach your plate. These processes use a lot of water, energy and vehicle fuel to bring food to the table, and thinking locally can help reduce your environmental food-print.

The City is working towards a local food system that encompasses the entire cycle of food production and consumption, including growing, transporting and the use of disposal. The goals below are focused on our commitment to increased food production:

Metrics2010 (Baseline)2018 (Targets)2040 (Goals)
Community Garden Plots1595001,000
Farmers Markets710+20+
Food Hub135+
Local Food Distributors13+3+
Urban Farms0310+

  1. Developing Local Food Policy

    Established in 2013, Good Food Central Florida (GFCF) is a local food policy council comprised of people from all walks of life who are interested in building and advocating for a healthier, more sustainable food system. Our vision is to create a vibrant local food economy that supports access to affordable, healthy food in every neighborhood. With help and support from surrounding municipalities, GFCF continues to sustain a vibrant local food economy for the Central Florida region.

    Learn more about local food policy at

  2. Urban Agriculture

    Supporting an Urban Agriculture Policy in Orlando

    We launched our urban chicken pilot to ensure that hens were kept responsibly and without disturbing neighbors, and so far the program has been very successful with over 50 participants and no complaints. As part of the program participants receive educational training related to keeping hens on their property. Our City staff is currently working on a permanent program outside of this pilot. Residents interested in participating are required to take an education course before being approved for the program.

    To learn more, email

  3. Farmers Markets & Community Supported Agriculture

    Expanding Farmers Markets and Community Supported Agriculture Models in Orlando

    The City of Orlando is proud to announce we have been awarded a $250,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) to increase access to local and healthy food options in West Orlando.The grant initiatives include: creating “farmlettes” in resident front yards, creating a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program based on the Fleet Farming model, launching a Farmer’s Market at Orlando City Soccer Club’s new stadium in Parramore, and teaching neighborhood residents about nutrition and healthy cooking in partnership with Hebni Nutrition.

  1. Community Gardens

    Community gardens are spaces for neighbors to come together and grow wholesome and healthy food for their families. They are places for new gardeners to get their hands dirty, and for seasoned gardeners to pass their knowledge on to newcomers. Community gardens provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about how food is grown and to garner an appreciation for where their food comes from. Each garden is self-managed, holds their own waiting lists and bylaws, and organizes community events around the garden.

    Learn more about community gardens across the City

  2. Farmers Markets

    Support the local economy and enjoy fresh, delicious produce by visiting one of the many Central Florida farmers markets. Local markets include:

    • Audubon Park Farmers Market
      Stardust parking lot
      1842 East Winter Park Road
    • East End Market
      3201 Corrine Drive
    • Lake Nona Farmers Market
      Valencia College
      12350 Narcoossee Roadd
    • Orlando Farmers Market
      Lake Eola
      195 North Rosalind Avenue
    • Homegrown Coop
      2310 North Orange Avenue
    • Parramore Farmers Market
      Orlando City Soccer Stadium, East Side
      655 West Church Street
  3. Growing Orlando - Urban Farming

    Growing Orlando is a non-profit urban farm initiative, designed to improve access to food in Orlando in 3 main ways - where we grow for you, teach you to grow for yourself, and equip you to grow for others. Growing Orlando is establishing multiple urban farm sites to increase production and distribution of food grown in proximity of downtown, and providing courses and workshops to teach Orlandoans how to grow food for themselves and incubate future farmers.

*Denotes a key action that the City of Orlando is taking to become a hub for green companies and support green jobs that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.