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As a celebration to our 10 year anniversary with Green Works Orlando, the Municipal Operations Sustainability Progress Report has been released to reflect our efforts over the last 4 years.

This Plan was initially issued in 2012 as an important step to ensure the City of Orlando’s sustainable and vibrant future. This Progress Report focuses on the goals, benchmarks, targets and action items that City offices and employees are taking to help achieve this vision.

A new addition to this Progress Report is a focus on improving the City’s resiliency. Each topic now has an area dedicated to resiliency, which is the capacity of a system to undergo disturbance and maintain its functions and controls. The City must be prepared for disturbances such as hurricanes, possible fuel shortages, drought, extreme rain events, electricity outages, terrorist attacks as well as the urban heat island effect. The sections in this report go into more detail as to how the City is working to become more resilient.

View the 2017 Municipal Operations Sustainability Plan (PDF)