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A City’s livability can be compared to the quality of life for its residents. This includes the natural environment and tree canopy, entertainment and recreational activities, economic prosperity, walkability, culture and equity. Combining these factors is a way to create pedestrian friendly “villages” that are accessible and communicate a unique sense of place.

Our strategies for livability focus on creating a series of unique, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, walkable villages. The inclusion of pedestrian and bicycle trails, shaded sidewalks, smart grids, integrated storm water management or solar orientation for building, and exciting destinations will be focused on the following goals:

2010 (Baseline)2018 (Targets)2040 (Goals)
Completed Villages1310
Emerging Villages1210+10+
Tree Canopy Coverage25%27%40%

  1. Street Trees

    Expanding our Street Trees program and Planting Trees in Public Spaces

    The City of Orlando has planted nearly 1,800 new street trees since 2010 and is continuing to grow, providing improved cooling, aesthetics and storm water management for our residents.

    Order a FREE private or street tree for your home or neighborhood

  2. Green Roof at Fire Station 1

    Native landscaping at City facilities

    To further our livability efforts, reduce irrigation, fertilizer use, and storm water runoff into lakes, we employ native landscaping at three of our own buildings.

  3. Expanding Green Spaces and Parks

    Green public spaces are important in fostering a sense of community and beautifying our City. They also act as habitat for our local wildlife and provide residents an opportunity to engage with nature close to their homes.

  4. Main Streets

    Developing community supported neighborhood commercial districts

    The City of Orlando recognizes the important role neighborhood commercial districts play in the overall health of the City’s neighborhoods. Sound neighborhood commercial areas contribute to a good quality of life. It can be a positive attraction and a competitive advantage in retaining existing neighborhood residents and attracting new ones. To meet this need, the City of Orlando is offering business district revitalization support to Orlando neighborhood commercial districts.

  5. Green Up Orlando

    Partnering with local businesses and organizations to create a greener City Beautiful

    GreenUp Orlando encourages citizens and groups to plant trees and shrubs, beautify their neighborhoods, raise public awareness and pride in Orlando, “The City Beautiful,” and promote the benefits of volunteer efforts in partnership with the City. Corporations, civic organizations, schools, faith based organizations, scout troops, neighborhood associations and families are encouraged to participate in Orlando’s favorite “green” volunteer program.

    To schedule a project for your organization or in your neighborhood, call 407.246.3504 or email

  1. One Person, One Tree

    Developing large-scale urban tree canopy initiative

    In order to reach our goal of 40% tree canopy by 2040, we have to plant 250,000 new trees. If each resident takes the individual initiative to plant one tree, we can achieve this goal.

    Visit for more information

  2. Keep Orlando Beautiful (KOB)

    Partnering to beautify Orlando and provide opportunities to increase recycling

    Founded in 1987, Keep Orlando Beautiful, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and certified as an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. The program is administered by the City of Orlando’s Streets and Stormwater Division of the Public Works Department. We have accomplished many worthwhile projects to keep Orlando “The City Beautiful”, including several education programs, public space and event recycling bin implementation as well as numerous community cleanup and beautification events.

    Learn more about KOB

  3. Carbon Off-Set and Trees

    Exploring carbon off-set and other tree financing programs

    Carbon off-set programs are an innovative way for municipalities and utilities to fund tree programs by properly valuing the carbon reduction benefits of trees.

  4. Urban Forestry

    Creating community urban forestry tracking and recognition program

    Part of expanding tree canopy within the City is developing community engagement and education to encourage residents to become ambassadors for trees within their neighborhoods.

  5. Urban Tree Canopy Study

    Conducted an Urban Tree Canopy Study

    An assessment of urban forests within the limits of the City of Orlando conducted during the summer of 2010. This publication is based on this assessment and provides information on the structure and composition of Orlando’s urban forest, the occurrence of invasive trees in the City, the ecosystem services trees provide – including estimating the mitigation of climate change effects and their role in urban hydrology – and how this information can be used to define sustainable urban planning objectives and goals.

    Read the Urban Forest and Ecosystem Study (PDF)

  6. EcoDistricts - Audubon Park Garden District

    Encouraging and supporting the development of EcoDistricts

    The Audubon Park Garden District is the first EcoDistrict in the City of Orlando. This award winning district was developed through the Main Streets program in Audubon Park.

  1. Garden for Wildlife

    Garden for Wildlife

    Orlando’s quality of life and economic vitality are linked to the natural areas and wildlife that share and surround our urban environment. This has encouraged the City of Orlando to pursue Certification as a Community Wildlife Habitat and join other mayors in signing the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge.

    Learn more about our progress and how to get involved

  2. Pollinator Gardens

    Plant a Florida Pollinator Gardens

    Green Works Orlando has partnered with Seed2Source by Sustainable Synergy to bring organic, non-GMO seeds directly to citizens of the City of Orlando. The program will increase the number of household gardens in the City by creating a more streamlined avenue for seed distribution as well as through targeted education and outreach. This unique model supports residents of multifamily properties to utilize their space for our City’s pollinator population.

    Learn more about how to plant your own pollinator garden

  3. Energy Saving Trees

    Plant a Tree in Your Yard

    Through our Energy Saving Trees program, Orlando residents can order free trees for their homes, which improves our air quality, generates higher property values, provides energy savings and makes Orlando a cooler place to live. To make ordering easy, we have an online tool that helps residents choose the right place and the right tree for their property and even provide an estimated utility cost savings due to the tree’s shading.

    Order a FREE Energy Saving Tree today

  4. Street Trees

    Plant a Tree on Your Street

    At no cost to the homeowner, residents can also order two trees for the front right-of-way, or four trees on a corner lot.

    Learn more about the trees available and how to order them

  5. Neighborhood Trees

    Expand Your Neighborhood's Urban Forest

    Neighbors can work together to plant trees on private property in their neighborhood. This is one of the best ways to get large amounts of trees planted in our city. The City’s current program is called, Good Trees to Good Homes. If you’re interested in coordinating a neighborhood tree planting event, or having one hosted in your neighborhood, please email

  6. Tree Giveaways

    Sponsor a Tree Giveaway

    Tree Giveaways can add a significant amount of tree to neighborhoods and contribute to the City of Orlando’s goal of 40% tree canopy coverage. Businesses and philanthropies can sponsor tree giveaways to provide Orlando residents to free or low cost trees to put on private property. Keep an eye on our giveaway schedule to learn about events in your area. If your organization would like to sponsor a tree giveaway, contact

  7. Private Investment Forest

    Create a Private Investment Forest

    Private organizations, such as hospitals, corporations and non-profit organizations can invest in a private forest to provide benefits to employees, customers or the surrounding community. Email for more information on sponsorship and community engagement opportunities.

*Denotes a key action that the City of Orlando is taking to become a hub for green companies and support green jobs that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.