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Contact Us


Mr. Oren J. Henry, Director of Housing and Community Development Department
Phone: 407.246.2328
Email: oren.henry@orlando.gov

Ms. Linda Rhinesmith, Housing Division Manager
Phone: 407.246.3170
Email: linda.rhinesmith@orlando.gov

Ms. Stephanie Neves, Housing Development Project Manager
Phone: 407.246.3357
Email: stephanie.neves@orlando.gov

Ms. Jessica Frye, Planner
Phone: 407.246.3413
Email: jessica.frye@orlando.gov

Mr. Jeremy Fristoe, Executive Assistant
Phone: 407.246.2396
Email: jeremy.fristoe@orlando.gov

Community Development

Ms. Sonia Carnaval, Housing and Community Development Manager (CDBG & ESG Programs)
Phone: 407.246.3326
Email: sonia.carnaval@orlando.gov

Dr. Scharlene Ahmed, Housing and Community Development Coordinator
Phone: 407.246.2377
Email: scharlene.ahmed@orlando.gov


Construction Management

Mr. Courtney Swann, Housing Rehabilitation Program Manager
Phone: 407.246.2188
Email: courtney.swann@orlando.gov

Mr. Tito Berrios, Housing Rehabilitation Specialist
Phone: 407.246.3785
Email: severo.berrios@orlando.gov


Ms. Nancy Criscuolo, Fiscal Manager
Phone: 407.246.3381
Email: nancy.criscuolo@orlando.gov

Mr. Victor Diaz, Grants Accountant
Phone: 407.246.3349
Email: victor.diaz@orlando.gov

Housing Development

Ms. Kassi Bernard, Housing & Community Development Manager (HOME & SHIP Programs)
Phone: 407.246.2395
Email: kassi.bernard@orlando.gov

Ms. Cheri King, Contract Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 407.246.2430
Email: cheri.king@orlando.gov