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About Stand Up Orlando

Approximately one in every four students experiences bullying and nearly all students will witStandUpOrlandoLogoness bullying during their years in school. Research shows that bullying can lead to depression, substance abuse, poor health, delinquency and poor academic performance.

Three years ago, Mayor Dyer made a commitment to bullying prevention and to ensure that our community continues to be a place of belonging, acceptance and respect for all people.
Through Stand Up Orlando we have:
  • Trained more than 250 City of Orlando Parks and Recreation employees in bullying prevention
  • Created awareness for the toll-free 24/7 Speak Out Hotline where students can anonymously report bullying  
  • Proclaimed October 25th as “Unity Day” in the City of Orlando to raise awareness about bullying and show our commitment to kindness, acceptance and inclusion
  • Experienced 69% fewer referrals for bullying and harassment in participating middle schools
We could not have accomplished this, and so much more, without the impactful programming provided by the Holocaust Center and the financial support of our sponsors, who have taken a stand to end bullying.

A special thank you should be given to Orange County Public Schools for allowing these partnerships to benefit the elementary, middle and high school students in the City of Orlando.FOX35 NEWS Logo

We also appreciate the partnership with our Stand up Orlando media partner, Fox 35.

“I learned that if you are not doing anything about bullying, you are helping the bully.”
– Participant


Sponsors Standing in Support

Partner Update – February 2015

Partner Update – July 2015 

Partner Update – October 2015


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