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Mayor’s City Academy


I’m excited to offer this unique look inside our City government! Our City’s strength depends upon the active involvement of citizens like you. The Mayor’s City Academy is an ideal way to become more informed, engaged and involved!

Be Involved

To apply for the 2015 session, Click here.

Be Informed

informed-1The Mayor’s City Academy is an ideal way to become informed about your City government. Let us take you on a backstage tour of the City Beautiful, highlighting some of the services, activities and opportunities the City of Orlando has to offer. This 10-week program familiarizes you with our hard-working City family, featuring road trips, field demonstrations, department tours and many other experiences that will give you a new perspective and stronger sense of pride in your community. 

Be Engaged

engagedAs a participant in the program you will have the opportunity to interact with City employees and take part in real life situations that will give you a greater appreciation of our hard working City employees.

Participants will be able to take a private tour of Orlando City Hall, visit the police headquarters, see what life is like at one of our busiest fire stations and go behind the scenes at the Amway Center. These are just a few of the activities that span the 10-week program.

Be Involved

involvedCitizen involvement is essential to successful local government. The Mayor’s City Academy is only the beginning of your involvement with the City of Orlando. There are numerous opportunities to stay involved including City boards, the City volunteer program, and Orlando Citizen Corps.



Read below to see what participants have to say about the Mayor’s City Academy.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Mayor’s exceptional and very professional staff who worked very hard to make the 2007 Mayor’s City Academy a great success. I found the entire experience to be very informative, educational and a pleasure to attend. All of the weekly sessions were professionally presented and easy to understand.

Upon completion of the nine week Academy, the one thing that stands out in my mind is how passionate all of the directors and officials are about working in their respective fields of expertise. I have been a small business owner my entire adult life and have always been of the opinion that only the owner of one’s business truly cares about it’s success. The Mayor’s City Academy has forced me to reconsider that opinion. I feel that every aspect of our cities government is being handled with great pride and with a strong focus on success.

Much continued success with the Mayor’s City Academy.”

Tony Vargas
Spring 2007 Class

Kindly convey to the Mayor my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to participate in the last Mayor’s City Academy schedule in Spring 2008. As a result of the knowledge gained and the fine people I met, I am purchasing a condominium downtown and look forward to participating in
activities nearby. Thank you again for all of your efforts in presenting the City in such an educational and helpful way for the citizens.

Lynn C. Dean
Graduate Spring 2008


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