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Stand Up Orlando Partner Update


February 13, 2015

Thank you for partnering with the City of Orlando on “Stand Up Orlando,” our new community-wide anti-bullying campaign. I wanted to share with you some examples of how your pField Trip_KDartnership and support is already making a difference in the lives of our students in the program’s first three months:

  • More than 1,000 6th grade students from City of Orlando middle schools
    have already completed a field trip to the Holocaust Center to learn about the history of the Holocaust. After completing the field trip:

    • 95% of students agree they understand more about how the Holocaust began with hateful ideas.
    • 97% of students agree they understand more about how racist ideas lead to discrimination and violence.
    • 98% of students agreed they feel more willing to treat others with respect and stand up for those who are treated unfairly.
  • A new anti-bullying marketing campaign was launched in every middle sZebra_Anti_Bully_Poster_horiz_FINAL_NO_BLEEDchool, high school and charter school in Orange County.
  • The Zebra Coalition has provided outreach and training to more than 500 youth, parents and others to include cultural competency and youth mental health first aid training.
  • Through the Zebra Coalition, more than 450 youth are participating in art, cinema and music therapy to share personal stories about how they are overcoming various obstacles in life.

In addition, thanks to the generous support of Fox 35, our Stand Up Orlando media partner, we have several PSAs featuring local and national celebrities showing support for Stand Up Orlando. You can view one here.

Stand Up Orlando is bringing renowned speaker John Halligan to Orlando May 11-15, 2015 and we’ll be hosting several sessions where students and parents can hear from him. Mr. Halligan lost his son Ryan to suicide in 2007 at the age of 13. It was revealed that Ryan was ridiculed and humiliated by peers at school and online. Mr. Halligan is an advocate for education and prevention of bullying. He and his wife Kelly have appeared on several national TV programs including Primetime with Diane Sawyer, PBS Frontline and Oprah. More details and event invitations will follow.

The skills the students are learning as part of Stand Up Orlando will follow these young people into adulthood and continue Orlando’s reputation as a City of belonging, acceptance Stand Up Orlando 1and respect for all people.

Thank you again for standing up and investing in our youth.


Buddy Dyer