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About Us


To establish, build and maintain a tight relationship between the Office of the Mayor and the multicultural community of the City of Orlando by developing a culture of collaboration and ongoing communication, which will also enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses and community organizations.



    • Inform the multicultural community of Orlando about City services, programs and events throughout the City’s Spanish communication outlets
    • Serve as the Mayor’s spokesperson for the Central Florida’s multicultural media

Multicultural Community

    • Act as a point of contact to all multiethnic citizens and community organizations
    • Build a strong relationship and engage the multicultural community with the City services, boards, volunteer programs and events


    • Maintain a relationship with the business sector and promote in Spanish and other foreign languages information regarding the City’s business assistance programs
    • Collaborate with chambers of commerce and professional organizations by supporting the establishment and development of local businesses
    • Encourage the relocation of international businesses into the City to strengthen the economy and create jobs

International Relations

    • Coordinate and host international delegation visits and tours
    • Maintain the relationship and collaborate with the local consulates to maximize the services the City provides to the multicultural community

Art and Culture

    • Develop and facilitate access to artistic projects, cultural programs, art exhibits and grants to local minority cultural organizations and artists