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Contract Compliance Unit

In accordance with Chapter 57, Articles II and III of the Orlando City Code, this office is required to properly monitor M/WBE utilization during the term of a City agreement. It is the City’s policy that Minority (MBE) and Women-Owned Businesses (WBE) shall have the maximum feasible opportunity to participate in the performance of City contracts. This office also monitors compliance with MBE and WBE employment workforce levels on City construction projects.

GOALS for the Minority and Women-Owned Business Program:

    • 18% MBE participation and 6% WBE participation.
    • Firms must be certified or recognized by the City.
    • Firms must be certified within the scope of work performed.
    • If an M/WBE firm is submitting a bid or proposal as the Prime, the City’s participation goals are still applicable.


    • Serves as an advocate for M/WBE certified firms and provides opportunities for them to participate in the City procurement process.
    • Assists Prime Contractors with identifying certified M/WBE firms to participate on contracts as subcontractors.
    • Monitors M/WBE utilization on contracts with participation goals.
    • Participates in small business and minority forums for networking.



These types of projects include architecture, engineering, surveying/mapping and construction engineering inspection services. For more information contact the Public Works Department at 407.246.2238.


Projects in this area consist of supplies and commodities, service agreements, annual term agreements, minor construction projects and professional service contracts. For more information contact the Procurement and Contracts Division at 407.246.2291.


Projects in this area consist of roadways, sewer and drainage, new construction, design-build and improvement projects. For more information contact the Public Works Department at 407.246.2238.

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