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Reciprocal Certification Policy

Thank you for your interest in Reciprocal Certification from the City of Orlando Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise Office. Companies meeting the certification criteria and holding current MBE or WBE certifications from Orange County Government Business Development Division may request reciprocal certification when bidding on any of the three (3) Community Venue Projects (Events Center, Performing Arts Center, Citrus Bowl Renovations) and Soccer Stadium.

All firms requesting reciprocal certification must meet the following requirements:

A. Applicants must submit a letter of their intent to bid on a community venue project prior to the time that they submit their bids to a contractor. They shall provide a copy of the application which they submitted to Orange County Business Development Division along with an affidavit attesting to the authenticity and truthfulness of the documentation presented. (sample letter and affidavit) A copy of a current Orange County Government Business Development Certificate must accompany the letter.

B. Under no circumstances may a firm which is currently under suspension or debarment or which has been denied certification or recognition by the City of Orlando in the six (6) months preceding its request for reciprocity with the City of Orlando MBE/WBE program, use this reciprocity policy to circumvent the imposed sanctions or actions of the City. Additionally all applicants for reciprocity must be in current good standing with all other foreign jurisdictions under which they are certified or recognized.

C. Once the MBE Official verifies the status of a company granted reciprocity, the company shall receive temporary certification or recognition for a maximum period of four (4) months; however, said temporary status shall not be effective beyond the termination of their MBE/WBE status with their originating jurisdiction.

D. Prior to the expiration of the four (4) month period, the files of the company granted reciprocity, as maintained by the MBE Official, shall be presented to the Certification Board. The Certification Board shall then review the file to determine whether the MBE/WBE should be granted status as a certified or recognized company pursuant to City Code Section 57.29(2).

Important: Applicants requesting reciprocal certification must have their status verified by the MBE Official prior to bidding on the Community Venue Projects (Events Center, Performing Arts Center and Citrus Bowl Renovations), where they wish their participation to be counted towards the City’s MBE/WBE goals. Failure to do so will result in no credit being given and the applicant will be prohibited from applying under the reciprocity provision and will be required to apply through normal channels. Be sure to read the City of Orlando Certification Board Rules carefully before completing the request. The Certification Board Rules explain the Certification Program rules and regulations.

Sample Letter & Sample Affidavit [pdf file attached]