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Accounting Operations Payroll

Hours of Operations: Monday-Friday 8am to 5:00pm

Payroll processes weekly and bi-weekly payroll for over 3,600 City employees, submits all payroll tax withholdings and prepares all necessary payroll tax reports, while ensuring compliance with all federal and state payroll and compensation laws.


Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Employee Payroll Deduction Form


When will I get paid?

Payroll for LIU employees is every Friday, all other employees are paid bi-weekly on a Friday. Please see the pay schedule on the Payroll section of the Finance Department’s web page for exact dates.

I’m going on vacation. May I receive my check earlier than Friday?

No, pay checks are dated for a Friday payroll. Please sign up for direct deposit to ensure that your check is in the bank each and every payday.

I can’t find my W-2. How may I get a copy?

If you are a current employee you can log into the Employee Information Center via the Intranet. A copy of your current and prior year W-2’s are available for printing. If you are no longer employed with the City, please request a copy of your W-2 from the Records office on the second floor in City Hall.

I’d like to change my W-4 information. What do I do?

Please fill out the form on the Payroll section of the Finance Departments webpage. The completed and signed form will need to be returned to the Payroll Section in City Hall. W-4 information is updated once a month to the Payroll system on the first Thursday of each month.

How can I have my check directly deposited into my bank account?

Please fill out the direct deposit authorization form found on the Payroll Section of the Finance Department’s web page. You will need to attach a voided blank check to the form and return it to the Payroll Section in City Hall.