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3rd Grade Reads

Third Grade Reads powered by Read2Succeed

Lead Partner: Foundation for Orange County Public Schools
Sponsor: Target and Service Nationthird_lg
By improving reading fluency in 2nd grade students through repetition and games, volunteers will help students increase 3rd grade FCAT scores.

  • Volunteers will provide reading assistance and mentoring to second graders using a six-minute solution.
  •  Make reading FUN through weekly meetings focused on improving student’s personal and academic development through positive reinforcement and teamwork.


  • Enhance students’ skill in reading fluency which is an important part of their “learning to read” journey, through the one-on-two mentoring.
  • Impart a love of books and learning, and instill positive attitudes toward reading.
  • Help students gain vital skills in social and personal development.


  • Improved reading fluency
  • increased positive values and identity, as well as enhanced social competencies in students
  • Increased support and involvement in education by volunteers and parents, with an increased commitment to the community at large

Volunteer Opportunities


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