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Mayor’s Matching Grant Guidelines

Click on the following links to view the Mayor’s Matching Grant Guidelines and Eligibility:

Mayor’s Matching Grant Guidelines for Schools and Nonprofit Organizations
Grants are awarded to schools and non-profit organizations for projects that offer educational enhancement, academic enrichment, crime prevention and anti-violence for our City’s youth.

Mayor’s Matching Grant Guidelines for Neighborhood Organizations
Grants are awarded to neighborhood organizations for projects that implement physical improvements or enhancements, increase public safety or provide educational and cultural opportunities that benefit neighborhood residents.

Traffic Art Box Guidelines (Neighborhood Organizations only)
We are proud to announce the Traffic Art Box Program for neighborhood associations. This program allows neighborhood associations to use a Mayor’s Matching Grant to paint or wrap a traffic signal box in their neighborhood. Art boxes provide a sense of ownership and pride in their neighborhood, and can be a small but important way of creating a sense of neighborhood identity. Neighborhoods can brand themselves with a cohesive theme, honor those who have served their neighborhoods or brighten their landscape.

Eligible Organizations:Grant Amounts:
Non-profit organizations
• Youth crime prevention and anti-violence programs & projects during non-school hours. Projects are adult supervised.
$1,000 - $10,000
Schools (public and private)
• Academic enrichment programs during
non-school hours. Projects are adult supervised
$1,000 - $10,000
Neighborhood organizations
• Physical improvements or enhancements
• Public safety projects
• Educational or cultural programs
$500 - $5,000

Match Requirements: Dollar-for-dollar match of the City’s contribution using a combination of:

  • Volunteer labor
  • Cash
  • In-kind donations of goods and services

Grant Availability: Grants are awarded on a bi-annual basis.