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Mayor’s Matching Grants

“Together We’re Better”

The Mayor’s Matching Grant Program was implemented in 1994 to partner with neighborhood associations, schools and non-profit organizations to fund projects which address neighborhood needs, improve education and build community pride. The Mayor and City Commissioners believe in the power and creativity of its citizens to address challenges, build communities and develop relationships with fellow neighbors, community partners and local businesses through the Mayor’s Matching Grant Program.

Mayor’s Matching Grant Guidelines for Schools and Nonprofit Organizations
Grants are awarded to schools and non-profit organizations for projects that offer educational enhancement, academic enrichment, crime prevention and anti-violence for our City’s youth.

Mayor’s Matching Grant Guidelines for Neighborhood Organizations
Grants are awarded to neighborhood organizations for projects that implement physical improvements or enhancements, increase public safety or provide educational and cultural opportunities that benefit neighborhood residents.

Traffic Art Box Guidelines (Neighborhood Organizations only)
We are proud to announce the Traffic Art Box Program for neighborhood associations. This program allows neighborhood associations to use a Mayor’s Matching Grant to paint or wrap a traffic signal box in their neighborhood. Art boxes provide a sense of ownership and pride in their neighborhood, and can be a small but important way of creating a sense of neighborhood identity. Neighborhoods can brand themselves with a cohesive theme, honor those who have served their neighborhoods or brighten their landscape.

The Mayor’s Matching Grant Program accepts applications on a year-round basis. Applications received on or before March 27, 2020 will be reviewed for funding recommendations in the spring cycle (Grant Term: June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021). Applications received on or before September 25, 2020 will be reviewed for funding recommendations in the fall cycle (Grant Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021).

Update January 2019:

Congratulations to the 9 non-profit organizations, schools and neighborhood associations who were awarded a Mayor’s Matching Grant! These projects will take place across our City from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Name of OrganizationName of ProjectGrant AwardDistrict
College Park Main Street, Inc.Edgewater Drive Bench Replacement$5,000
College Park Main Street will remove and replace five benches along Edgewater Drive in the College Park Main Street District.
Color Me Confident"Confidence Has No Fear"$10,0005
Color Me Confident will implement the “Confidence Has No Fear” program for middle and high school girls every Tuesday from January 2019 through December 2019. Program sessions will include topics on personal enrichment, family values, college prep & career readiness, life and social skills, defeating disorders, cultural diversity, becoming a master student, sisterhood, etiquette and being a role model in your community.
Girl Scouts of Citrus CouncilBe a Friend First (BFF) Anti-Bullying Program$10,0005, 6
Girl Scouts of Citrus Council swill support the nationally acclaimed B.F.F. (Be A Friend First) program for 150 girls in City of Orlando elementary, middle and high school. This program teaches valuable skills and tools for figuring out relationships and to develop confidence and collaboration skills needed to prevent bullying behavior.
Ivanhoe Village Main StreetIvanhoe Village Art Box Project$2,5003
Ivanhoe Village Main Street will facilitate the completion of three utility art boxes that celebrate Ivanhoe Village's culture and history.
Lake Orlando Homeowners AssociationSouth Lake Orlando Parkway Wall Repair$5,0003
Lake Orlando Homeowners Association will repair and replace 15 wall sections of a common wall located on South Lake Orlando Parkway.
Lakeside at Delaney Park Condominium AssociationFencing Project$5,0004
Lakeside at Delaney Park will replace the majority of fencing around the property that was damaged by Hurricane Irma. This will address aesthetics and safety concerns with the current fencing around the property.
LGBT+ Center Orlando, Inc.Drag Queen Story Hour at The Center$3,0004
The Center will host the first Drag Queen Story Hour in the state of Florida, starting with 6 events in 2019 designed to teach children to embrace gender diversity in themselves and others. Children and their parents will be invited to the Center for story time, movement activities, singing and a craft activity. Children will receive a copy of the book to take home. Each reading will feature a different children’s story with a theme of inclusion, diversity, self-acceptance and kindness. An estimated 600 children are expected to participate in this program.
Opera OrlandoOpera Orlando Youth Company$10,0004, 5
Opera Orlando will provide an all-inclusive Youth Company performance training program for young people ages 8 to 18 who are interested in exploring classical and contemporary vocal music. This year long program will meet each week and is designed to develop creativity and artistic skill with instruction in acting, improvisation, monologues or other drama-related skills and singing technique. This program provides young singers the opportunity to explore using their voices as musical instruments, creating their own melodies over improvised accompaniments and singing together as an ensemble.
Orlando Repertory TheatreThe Fifth Annual Rockin' REP REC Fest$8,0002, 3, 4, 5, 6
Orlando Repertory Theatre will produce the fifth annual Rockin’ REP REC Fest. Participants will meet twice a week for 8 weeks. The program is specifically designed to discuss character-building themes using arts education techniques to guide children and youth through their own personal character growth and development, while also using season production show themes to explore principles like service to others, compassion, health relationships and self-confidence. An estimated 100 youth will participate in this program.

Mayor’s Matching Grant Project Spotlight
A highlight of past grant projects 

Contact: Julie Tindall, Community Outreach Coordinator at or 407.246.3275.