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Volunteer Application, Screening and Placement Process

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 Application Process:

  1. Volunteer must call, visit or email to express interest in the program.
  2. Application and materials are given, sent or downloaded from the City’s website.
  3. The completed application and background check form are returned via fax, mail or hand delivered to the City of Orlando Office of Community Affairs & Human Relations.

Screening Process:

  1. Background checks are conducted on ALL volunteer applicants. Applications cannot be processed without completed background check forms, including social security numbers, which shall be given to City staff upon request.
  2. Applicant is notified of status

Placement Process:

  1. The Volunteer Program Assistant sends the volunteer’s application to the supervisor for files and scheduling.
  2. Cleared volunteers are contacted by their site coordinator/supervisor.
  3. Volunteers are asked to track their volunteer hours using a timesheet, which is turned into their site coordinator/supervisor.
  4. Volunteers are recognized during Volunteer Appreciation month, which takes place during the month of April.