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iLead downloadable guides provide
in-depth information and tools
for finding success in your association.




City Resources for Mandatory Organizations
Learn about all the available resources for mandatory associations offered by the City of Orlando.

Engaging Volunteers: Let’s Stay Together
Learn the basics of recruiting volunteers and creating an organizational culture where volunteers keep coming back.

Emergency Preparedness for Neighborhood Organizations 
An outline for your association to follow, resources to use, questions to think about and tips
to create your association and neighborhood emergency preparedness plans. 

How to Avoid Leadership Burnout 
Learn strategies to keep your leadership role enjoyable, productive and successful.

Taking Neighborhood Leadership Skills to the Next Level 
Learn important skills needed to be an effective leader in your organization

Board of Directors Operations
Learn about the duties and responsibilities for creating and maintaining a solid foundation for a neighborhood organization.

Leadership Survival Skills 
Learn tools and tips to be an effective leader an avoid burnout in your neighborhood organization.

Communication Tools  
Learn about effective communication as the key to the success of your association.

Cultivating New Neighborhood Leadership 
Learn about the recruiting process and how to develop leaders and build effective relationships within your neighborhood organization.

Engaging Next Generation Leadership 
Learn to recruit and engage new volunteers by focusing on the values and characteristics of the next generation of leadership.

Neighborhood Profile – A New Approach to Creating Partnerships 
Learn how to use this tool to gather the most relevant and accurate resources available for neighborhood organizations.

New Board Orientation for Neighborhood Organizations 
Learn the information board members need to understand their role, the role of the board, the expectations the board has of them and the association’s governing documents and rules.

Parliamentary Procedures Made Simple 
Learn the basics of parliamentary procedures.  A set of rules, which, if used correctly, help groups run meetings without confusion and without waste of time or effort.

Writing Your Neighborhood History
Learn how to research and produce your neighborhood history. Writing a neighborhood history can be a very rewarding project and a great team building activity for the neighborhood.

Ice Breakers
Learn new activities to help residents get to know one another. Help team members to relax and open up. Ice Breakers are a great way to start the flow of conversation on a positive note.

Mayor’s Matching Grants for Neighborhood Organizations
Learn how a Mayor’s Matching Grant can benefit your organization as well as examples of projects that neighborhood organizations have completed.

Event Planning 
Learn basic building blocks in planning and executing successful neighborhood activities and events.

Effective Meetings 
Learn about the most effective and efficient ways to conduct business meetings for neighborhood associations.



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