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Park Rules

Sec. 18A.09. – Prohibited Activities in Parks and Recreational Facilities Owned or Controlled by the City

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Except for activities of a governmental agency within the scope of its governmental authority, or unless specifically permitted to do so by a permit or approval issued pursuant to this Chapter, it shall be unlawful for any person to do any one or more of the following in a park or recreational facility owned or controlled by the City:

(a) Lie or otherwise be in a horizontal position on a park bench, table or where prohibited by signs.

(b) Sleep at any time during the hours from sunset to sunrise of the following day.

(c) Sleep or otherwise be or remain in any bushes, shrubs, or other foliage.

(d) Construct any hut, shanty, or other shelter.

(e) Cook foodstuffs except where facilities for such preparations are provided by the City.

(f) Set or stoke a fire except where appropriate facilities are provided by the City.

(g) Discharge or deposit human wastes, except in toilet facilities provided by the City.

(h) Drive stakes or posts, dig holes or otherwise penetrate or disturb the natural surface of the ground, but, weights may be used to secure tents or inflatable devices.

(i) Pick flowers or damage or remove plants, trees, shrubs, or any part of the park grounds.

(j) Erect signs or affix signs to any tree, light pole, existing park sign, post or park facility or grounds, except signs posted by the Director of Families, Parks and Recreation.

(k) Drive, putt or otherwise hit a golf ball or shoot an arrow, except in areas specifically designated for those purposes by signs erected by the Director of Families, Parks and Recreation.

(l) Kill, injure, harm, capture, chase, poison, or remove any wildlife, animal, bird, or touch, break, remove, or relocate any animal or egg located above, upon or under park grounds.

(m) Write on, draw on, or otherwise deface, damage, remove or destroy any park facility or any part of the park grounds.

(n) Operate any motor vehicle capable of speeds equal to or greater than 4 mph as defined in Chapter 39 of this Code except for the operation of golf carts at Dubsdread Golf Course in compliance with rules and regulations established by that facility.

(o) Purchase, sell, offer for sale, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages as defined by the laws of Florida except as permitted under Section 33.03 or 33.06 of this Code.

(p) Use public restrooms to shave, bathe, shampoo hair and/or shower and/or wash clothes; provided, however, that showering is permitted where shower facilities are specifically provided for public use.

(q) Sit or stand in or on any trash receptacles, light fixtures, fences, railings, pavilions, planters, or newspaper dispensers provided for public use.

(r) Use roller skates, inline skates, scooters or skateboards except in areas specifically designated for those purposes by signs erected by the Director of Families, Parks and Recreation.

(s) Bathe or otherwise be or remain in a water fountain and/or reservoir.

(t) To stop, stand, or park any motor vehicle or trailer as defined in Chapter 39 of this Code in an area not specifically designated for parking.

(u) To erect inflatables of any size or tents over 15′ x 15′ or any size tent with more than three walls unless permitted as provided by a facility use permit and under Section 18.01 of this Code as applicable.

(v) No domestic dog or exotic pet owner or person having charge, care, custody or control of any dog or exotic pet shall permit, any such animal to be at large, upon any public property (except in the case of dogs for City established and approved off-leash dog parks). Provided however, no domestic dog or exotic pet shall be allowed onto any City athletic field.

(w) To fail to remove any excreta deposited upon public property including City parks, recreational facilities, sidewalks, and right-of-ways by any animal within the care, custody, ownership, or control of such person.

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