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Parks FAQ

Do you have a City park that can host an event for a large crowd (over 1,000 people)?
Lake Eola Park, Orlando Festival Park, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake and Lake Baldwin Park can accommodate groups of over 1,000 people for special events.

How do I get my street tree trimmed?
Trees located on the City right-of-way are trimmed by the Forestry Section, visit for more information,  or call 407.246.2514.

I’ve had a tree trimmed on my private property and there is brush left behind. Will the City remove it?
If you have your private tree trimmed or removed you should arrange brush removal with the company completing the work or contact Solid Waste to arrange pick up at 407.246.2314.

Do I need a tree permit to cut a tree down?
Yes, contact the Forestry Code Inspector at 407.246.4047.

The roots from my tree are causing damage to the sidewalk. Who do I call?
Streets & Drainage at 407.246.2238.

Which parks have public boat ramps?
The following City Parks have public boat ramps. For boat ramps in Orange County, please visit the Orange County Parks website parks.
Gaston Edwards Park
George Barker Park
Gilbert McQueen Park
Lake Fairview Park
Lake Underhill Park

How do I locate a trail to go jogging, walking or bicycling?
Visit the City’s Bicycles and Pedestrians page for information on trails for jogging, walking or bicycling.

Do I need a license to go fishing in a park?
Information on fishing licenses can be found at

Are there any volunteer opportunities in City parks?
Yes, visit the GreenUp page or call 407.246.3504.

Are dogs allowed in City parks?
Yes, leashed dogs are allowed in all City parks. Park of the Americas has a designated dog park where you can allow your dog to be without a leash.

Do I need a permit to feed the homeless in a park?
You may need a Group Feeding Permit based on certain criteria. To find out more visit the Group Feeding Permit page.

Do I need to reserve a pavilion to use it for a party?
Reservations are recommended, and may be required. For more info see Reservations or call 407.246.2283