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Tree Planting Guidelines

Power Lines
When power lines exist above the parkway understory trees will be planted. When power lines do not exist, canopy trees may be planted.

Width of Parkway
The parkway must be at least 4′ wide to accommodate tree planting. If a canopy tree requested, the right-of-way must be at least 6′ wide.

Number Of Trees To Be Planted
The number of trees to be planted varies based upon the number of existing trees on the site.

Click here for variety and types of trees.

Property Owners
Tree requests must come from property owners. Trees will not be planted on vacant property (including vacant rental property), or homes for sale.
Property owners may request a type and number of trees, but final authority lies with the Parks Division.

Maintenance of Tree
The property owner must be aware that once planted, they are responsible for tree maintenance.

  • Water tree according to street tree pamphlet
  • Fertilize according to pamphlet
  • Pruning at least once a year depending on variety
  • If trees are staked, leave staked for 1 year and remove before it girdles tree
  • Maintain mulch around the trees (2-3 ft. diameter). The mulch helps hold water in, weeds down and help prevents weed eater & mower damage.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to contact the Parks Division when a tree is stressed, or dying. Trees that die due to owner neglect will not be replaced for one year. Trees that die due to neglect at a rental property will not be replanted.

Neighborhood groups are asked to help organize citizens who would like trees, assist in raising funds to buy the trees and be willing to plant the trees.

Trees will be available in two sizes: 15 gallon, 6’-8’ tall, about 40 pounds, approximately $50 each; or 30 gallon, 8’-10’, about 125 pounds, and approximately $100.

Dedicate a Tree
The City of Orlando offers the opportunity to dedicate a tree or bench in designated parks. These dedications can be used as commemorations or memorials. Those who are interested should contact Julie Iooss at Julie.Iooss@cityoforlando.net.