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The mission of Parramore Kidz Zone (PKZ) is to level the playing field for Parramore’s children, equipping them to become successful, healthy, well-educated adults. Parramore Kidz Zone aims to reduce juvenile crime, teen pregnancy, and high school drop-out rates in Orlando’s highest poverty, highest crime neighborhood, and ultimately replicate this model in other Orlando neighborhoods also struggling with disproportionately high rates of juvenile crime, school failure and teen pregnancy. PKZ is achieving this by investing in things that make a difference in children’s lives – such as quality early childhood education, after school programs, programs that build family economic success, youth development programs for teenagers, access to health care, mentoring and more.

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If interested in further information about Parramore Kidz Zone, please contact the Parramore Kidz Zone Office at 407.254.4759 or visit us at 363 N. Parramore Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32805 (Entrance at 649 W. Livingston Street).

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