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Firefighters’ Pension Fund Retirement Plan Options

Participants’ Retirement Options

Normal Retirement Options

Service Requirement for Normal Retirement:

  • Any member of the department may retire after twenty (20) years of continuous active service.
  • You will be paid sixty percent (60%) of your average monthly income for the last three (3) years of service or five (5) best years of the last ten (10) years, whichever is higher.
  • Any member who retires with more that twenty (20) years of continuous active service shall receive, in addition to the basic sixty percent (60%), four percent (4%) for each year over twenty (20) years, up to five (5) additional years of service, for a maximum of eighty percent (80%).

More than 10 years and less than 20 years of service

  • If you are discharged or voluntarily separate from the Department, you may make an irrevocable election to receive a monthly pension benefit beginning at age forty-seven (47). This election must be delivered, in writing, to the Fire Chief within thirty (30) days after separation or discharge.
  • If you are over 47 and elected within the 30 days to receive a monthly pension, the pension shall begin at the date of separation. Your pension amount will be determined by computing the average monthly pensionable income for the last three (3) years of service or five (5) best years of the last ten (10) years, whichever is higher. You shall receive the benefit each month.
  • You will receive two percent (2%) of the average monthly salary for each year of service up to but not including twenty (20) years with no COLA or return of COLA contributions. A member who completes 20 years of credited service may retire regardless of age and immediately begin to receive a monthly pension.

Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)

Refund of Pension Contributions

  • If you are not eligible to retire or to elect to receive monthly pension benefits at age forty-seven (47) (or eligible to receive monthly benefits, but choose not to do so), you are entitled to the contributions deducted from your salary. No interest is paid on the member’s contributions to be refunded.

Cost of Living

  • Any member of the Department who retires with twenty (20) or more years of actual service shall receive a triennial (once ever 3 years) cost-of-living increase of five percent (5%) compounded, starting three (3) years after retirement or in the case of a DROP participant, three (3) years after termination of employment. Members will only be eligible for the COLA after twenty (20) years of actual service. Members who resign or retirees without COLA eligibility are not entitled to a refund of COLA contributions.


  • If you elect a refund of accumulated contributions after termination of employment, you will forfeit your right to any pension from this DB plan.
  • This is a basic summary of the Defined Benefit Retirement options. Refer to the Chapter 12: Defined Benefit Plan Document, part of the City Code, for Cost of Living (COLA) provisions and Disability provisions.