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Business Tax Receipt Permit Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment for a Business Tax Receipt Permit

Appointment requests will be handled via email correspondence. Please email us at permittingappts@cityoforlando.net with the following information in order to begin the appointment scheduling process:

For Mobile Peddlers (food trucks/carts at various locations, or selling food and misc. items for events at a commercially zoned property) you need a completed and signed Mobile Peddler Checklist. This will be required to be submitted along with the Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application.

For Mobile Businesses (handyman, landscaper, painter, etc.) and Home Occupation businesses you will also need to click here.

When submitting a request for an appointment for a Business Tax Receipt, please be sure to include the following information in your email:

  1. Please provide your name and phone number.

  2. What is the appointment for?

  3. Property Address and/or Parcel ID number for the proposed business?

  4. Permit number related to the business, if applicable.

  5. Are there any related building permit numbers or planning case numbers associated with this site? If so, please provide them.

  6. What type of business do you want to open?

  7. Have you registered your business with Sunbiz? If not, please click here.

  8. What is the address of the business? Is it in the City of Orlando? If you’re not sure whether you are in the City or not, call us at  407.246.2204. If you are not in the City, call Orange County Business Tax at  407.836.5650.

  9. Have you checked the Zoning regulations for this property to make sure your business is allowed at this location? Call us with your address at  407.246.2204  to check zoning appropriateness.

  10. Have you obtained any necessary State licenses, registration or permits? All State licenses are required prior to our issuing a Business Tax Receipt. Please refer to the bottom of page 4 of the Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application to see a list of agencies and their phone numbers that should be checked concerning code requirements and/or regulations before starting a business operation at any location.

  11. Have you completed our Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application? (If not, please click on the link above to access application online.)

  12. Have you met with anyone at the City about this project previously? If so, please indicate who you met with, when you met, and any pertinent information regarding your conversation.

  13. Be specific as to the day/time requested for the appointment and any alternate days/times that will work for you. Please note that this is a pilot program. We will do all possible to accommodate your appointment request; however, appointments will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
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