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Permitting Services

City Hall – 1st floor
400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL  32801

Permits: 407.246.2271
Business Tax Receipts: 407.246.2204
Fax: 407.246.3420

Permitting Hours: Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Permitting Services Directory 

Staff Directory

Permitting Services
General Information407-246-2271
Business Tax Receipt BTR Information407-246-2204
Permitting FaxFax407-246-3420
Inspections & Plan Review FaxFax407-246-2882
Brooke Bonnett Department Manager407-246-2719
Timothy Johnson Deputy Department Manager407-246-2075
Mike Rhodes Deputy Department Manager407-246-3331
Lillian Scott-Payne Division Manager407-246-3648
Roy Eden Building Official 407-246-3551
Thea Walker Permitting Services Manager407-246-2679
Crystal Emeric Permitting Services Manager407-246-3311
Traci M Elliott Permitting Express Manager407-246-2803
Shaniqua Rose Administrative Specialist407-246-3306
Monib ShihataRecords Specialist 407-246-3293
Jose Taitt Fiscal Coordinator407-246-3092
Yolanda Blanco Rosado Accounting Specialist Sr.407-246-2602
Brandy O'Brien Administrative Assistant407-246-2587
Marcia Ross Customer Service Manager407-246-3027
David ViragCustomer Service Supervisor407-246-4270
Dominique Davis Customer Service Supervisor407-246-3303
Stacie Watts Office Assistant407-246-3151
Patricia ConnorsPlans Room Assistant 407-246-4073
Angela Baijnath Permit Technician 407-246-3420
Angela Gordon Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Anne Solomon Permit Technician 407-246-2420
Ashley Williams Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Callie PadgettPermit Technician 407-246-3150
Debra Nobles Permit Technician 407-246-2340
Edwin Munoz Permit Technician 407-246-3240
Iris Price Permit Technician 407-246-3718
Jane Tkach Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Jasmine Bates Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Jesenia Cruz Permit Technician 407-246-3277
Jessie Lankford Permit Technician 407-246-2339
John Berry Permit Technician 407-246-3548
Johnny Garcia Permit Technician 407-246-3277
Karen Chandersingh Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Kaydeon Samuda-Tenn Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Michael Folts Permit Technician 407-246-2339
Monique Johnson Permit Technician 407-246-4250
Nicholle Perez Permit Technician 407-246-4250
Pamela Wilson Permit Technician 407-246-3241
Rachel Meng Permit Technician 407-246-3239
Rosemary Culhane Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Sedricka Brathwaite Permit Technician407-246-2675
TaMira Farmer Permit Technician407-246-3676
Valencia Gilley Permit Technician 407-246-4315
Xiomara Ramos Permit Technician 407-246-3579
Yaribel Garcia Permit Technician 407-246-2330
Alan Stickle Inspection Services Manager407-246-2806
Laterica WilsonOffice Assistant 407-246-2310
Scott Brian Merrick Building Inspector 407-246-3542
Aaron Anderson Building Inspector407-246-3550
Bernard ElkinsBuilding Inspector 407-246-2692
Dana Foster Building Inspector407-246-3541
David FishelBuilding Inspector 407-246-2324
Jimmy Wells Building Inspector 407-246-3557
John ThrailkillBuilding Inspector 407-246-3428
Ricci ToddBuilding Inspector 407-246-4253
Terry Goodin Building Inspector407-246-3488
Thomas Harris Building Inspector407-246-3540
Tony Loftin Building Inspector 407-246-3249
Gerarado Urgelles Plumbing Inspector 407-246-3216
Randy James Redditt Plumbing Inspector 407-246-3547
Shelly McCarthy Plumbing Inspector 407-246-3418
William Rivera Plumbing Inspector407-246-2805
Scott Robert McCandless Plumbing Plans Examiner 407-246-2394
Ralph Vince Pizzuti Plumbing Plans Examiner 407-246-2393
Chris Walsh Mechanical Inspector 407-246-3317
Jeffrey MooreMechanical Inspector 407-246-3185
Joseph StubitsMechanical Inspector 407-246-3553
Tom Westly Mechanical Inspector407-246-3140
Augustine SwiftMechanical Plans Examiner 407-246-3556
Richard Daniels Mechanical Plans Examiner 407-246-3545
John Heidinger Chief Electrical Inspector407-246-3544
Donald Rampersaud Electrical Inspector407-246-3163
Felix Martin Electrical Inspector 407-246-2804
Kevin Kennedy Electrical Inspector 407-246-3546
Mark BedowElectrical Inspector 407-246-3236
Pat William Pendleton Electrical Inspector407-246-3543
Robert Walker Electrical Inspector 407-246-3132
Larry BartonElectrical Plans Examiner 407-246-3430
Danny Anderson Fire Inspector 407-246-3153
James Hammerli Fire Inspector 407-246-4254
Mary Creason Fire Inspector 407-246-3374
Wilfred Alvarado Fire Inspector407-246-2868
Olivia Boykin Chief Engineering Inspector407-246-3223
Christie Finklea Engineering Inspector 407-246-3248
David Entler Engineering Inspector407-246-3237
Geri Smithson Engineering inspector 407-246-3549
Joel Berry Engineering Inspector 407-246-2876
Johnnie Miller Engineering Inspector407-246-2793
Charles "Chip" Howard Chief Fire Plans Examiner407-246-2143
Calvin Spencer Fire Plans Examiner407-246-3217
Kermit Johnson Fire Plans Examiner407-246-2676
Nathan Hutton Fire Plans Examiner407-246-3152
Tommy Paulk Fire Plans Examiner 407-246-3534
Don Fields Chief Building Plans Examiner407-246-2654
Alejandro Perez Building Plans Examiner407-246-4273
Brandon Albright Building Plans Examiner407-246-3443
James Harold Watson Building Plans Examiner407-246-2853
Howard James Johnson Building Plans Examiner407-246-2681
Juanito Rivera Building Plans Examiner407-246-3539
Marissis Gandert Building Plans Examiner407-246-3213
Keith Grayson Chief Engineering/Zoning Plans Examiner407-246-3234
Cobbin McGee Development Review Technician407-246-3532
Dalia Sidrak Development Review Technician407-246-3234
John Groenendaal Development Review Technician407-246-3437
Margie Hutto Development Review Technician407-246-3268
Richard Menard Development Review Technician407-246-3079
Sharon Filer Development Review Technician407-246-4251
Shirley Green Development Review Technician407-246-2134
Yesenia Leon Development Review Technician407-246-2373
Akil Toussaint Civil Engineer407-246-4349
Yameli Herschelman Civil Engineer407-246-3322


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