Demolition Permits

A demolition permit is required for the demolition of all structures. Click here for a Demolition application.
The application will require a notarized signature from the homeowner. Click here for a Demo Plans Submittal Checklist.

For Commmercial Demolitions click here.

Demolition permit applications must be submitted in person in the Permitting Services office – 400 S. Orange Avenue (1st floor).

Once the demolition permit application is supplied, the applicant will be given a “Certification of Service Disconnect” form and an “OUC Service Disconnect Request for Demolition” form which is required to be completed and returned prior to issuance of the Demo Permit.

Demolition permits may only be issued to licensed general contractors, licensed building contractors, licensed demolition contractors and property owners*.

The following information will need to be provided with the completed demolition permit application:

  • A Rodent Control Certificate by a pest control operator certified by the State of Florida to eradicate rodents (not required for burn-outs).
  • A cash deposit or damage bond in the amount of $1,000 payable to the City of Orlando is required when the property owner wishes to pull his/her own permit for demolition.

Appearance Review Board (ARB)
Please note that all demolitions proposed within the Downtown CRA are required to be reviewed and approved by the ARB for the post-demolition condition of the vacant land. Please contact the ARB coordinator, Doug Metzger, at 407.246.3414 for more information on this process.

Historic Preservation  Board (HPB)
If your property is within a  historic preservation district, the demolition will require a review and approval by the HPB. Fore more information, please contact Heather Hohman at 407.246.3416 or Richard Forbes at 407.246.3350.


Demolition permit fees for structures are based on the square footage of the structure. Demolition permit fees for other structures such as bridges and towers are based on the contract demolition cost. For specific fee information, please view the Commercial Development Fees.
In addition to the demolition permit fee, a $100 Sewer Disconnect Fee will be applied to the permit.

All fees for demolition permits are due at the time of application.

Please note:

The demolition permit application does not consider the removal of trees within the demolition area. Removal or encroachment permits are required. For more information please call the City of Orlando Parks Division at 407.246.2283 or click here.


  • 1st Inspection is to be called in after all utility connections have been disconnected and secured in such a manner that no unsafe of unsanitary conditions shall exist during or after the demolition operations.
  • Final Inspection is to be called in after all demolition work is completed.

For more information on demolition permits, contact the Permitting Services Division at 407.246.2271.

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