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Mobile Business & Home Occupational Appointment

Mobile Business and Home Occupational Appointment Scheduling

If you are scheduling an appointment for a Mobile Business or Home Occupational license, along with the information requested for a Business Tax Receipt appointment you will need to do the following:

  1. Confirmed that you meet the Home Occupation requirements of the City Code Chapter 58, Sections 58.938 thru 58.941? Please click here to access the City Code. You can search by the Section numbers listed above.
  2. When opening a business in your residence, additional information is required. In addition to the Business Tax Receipt (BTR) application submit the Home Occupation application for zoning review by City staff and:

a.   Provide a sketch with dimensions of the floor plan. Label each room and the area to be used for the business.
b.   Unless you are the homeowner, obtain a notarized letter of approval from the property owner and the condo association.

Please note that you will also need an Orange County Business Tax Receipt (BTR). A City of Orlando BTR is required PRIOR TO obtaining an Orange County BTR.

Orange County BTR offices are located at 201 S. Rosalind Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801. For more information, call Orange County at 407.836.5650.

For additional information on Business Tax Receipts please call 407.246.2204.

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