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Residential Plans Submittal Checklist


This checklist is for one and two family residential building permit applications, including:

  • New construction – new development and redevelopment
  • Additions, alterations or repairs – addition or removal of floor area, alterations or changes to a structure
  • Accessory Structures – includes, but not limited to, swimming pools, detached structures, sheds and garages (a maximum of 5 may be processed by an applicant per day)
  • Click here for a printable Residential Plans Submittal Checklist

Please be aware that, since every project is unique, there may be some situations where you will be asked to provide additional information. This checklist is intended to be a guide and may not contain all requirements needed to obtain permits and approval from the City of Orlando.

If you have any questions, you can email permittingservices@cityoforlando.net or call 407.246.2271.


  • Building Permit Application
  • Owner/Builder declaration – applicable when a property owner acts as their own contractor
  • All drawings shall be dimensioned and drawn to scale
  • Complete legal description
  • Construction Plans
    • Submit these using the Digital Plans review (click here to view resources and a Quick Start Guide) with a third-party verified signature by a Florida registered architect/engineer, along with with any other supporting documents.
    • If you decide to submit paper plans, you are required to submit 4 complete, collated, copies and any revisions for all single family or duplexes, including windows, doors, roofs, sheds, fences, siding, soffits, and trade permits (plumbing,  mechanical, electrical, and fire not related to a primary building permit).
  • Site Plan or Survey
    • Submit these using the Digital Plans review (click here to view resources and a Quick Start Guide) with a third-party verified signature by a Florida registered architect/engineer. These submissions require showing property lines with lot dimensions, adjacent streets locations and names, easements, north arrow, total building site area (in square feet) and dimensions of any existing or proposed buildings, lot area and impervious surface area calculations, dimensions and locations of air conditioner/mechanical equipment pads, pool equipment, porches, patios, steps, driveway, driveway approach, curb, street pavement edge, public sidewalk, on-site walkways, structure projections, roof overhangs, existing tree locations, show distances from property lines to existing and proposed improvements and show distances between existing and proposed improvements. (NOTE: Please clearly distinguish between existing conditions and proposed work.)
  • Erosion control device details
    • For Engineering/Site Work permits, if the project is less than one acre, please provide a note on the site plan indicating the “City of Orlando’s Guidelines for Erosion & Sedimentation Control for Construction Sites” will serve as a guide for the implementation of erosion sediment control measures. A copy of the City of Orlando’s Guidelines for Erosion & Sedimentation Control for Construction Sites  should be attached to each of the required plan sets or uploaded with the digital submittal.
  • Street Trees (for new residential permit issuance)
    • Payment to the Street Tree Trust Fund will be assessed at the time of new residential unit permit issuance for the future installation of street trees by the City Parks Bureau, unless existing trees in the parkway are protected and remain.
  • Energy Calculations
    • Attach this with your plans to the Digital Plans review. The owner/agent certification on the application must also be signed by the mechanical contractor or project architect.
  • Fire Sprinkler Plans for Baldwin Park and for some parts of the southeast generally located east of the Orlando International Airport
  • Property Owner/Developer Approval (Baldwin Park)
    • Written authorization to apply for permits from the Property Owner/Developer or authorization from the Town Architect for Baldwin Park properties.
  • Assignment Letter
    • Letter from the Property Owner/Developer assigning impact fee and sewer capacity credits.
  • All in field lots requires signed and sealed civil plans by a licensed engineer


Please note, in order to facilitate prompt review, revisions will be accepted only after all plans examiners have completed their review of the previous submittal.

  • Submit only the sheets that are being revised, through the Digital Plans review
  • Narrative – Identifying purpose of revision and what is being revised
  • Provide Case number and address of project
  • Identify clearly all revisions on the drawings (i.e. draw clouds around revised areas of plans)
  • Comments – attach written response to all comments, include narrative that lists and explains all revisions.


The following items are required prior to the issuance of permits:

Contractor Requirements

  • State of Florida Contractor’s License
  • Contractor’s Business Tax Receipt
  • Proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Surety Bond (Registered Contractors only)
  • Competency Card (Registered Contractors only)
  • Special Power of Attorney (if applicable)

Most Common Reasons for Disapproval

  • Site plan/survey not included
  • Site plan/survey not dimensioned
  • Building permit application not signed
  • Location of AC unit not shown on site plan/survey
  • Plans are not signed and sealed
  • Contractor’s information not current in system
  • Application missing complete owner information
  • At revision status (disapproval is common as a result of lack of Narrative submittal and delineation of changes.)


Notice of Commencement

The purpose of recording a Notice of Commencement is to prepare the owner and/or the owner’s agent (the contractor) to deal with possible liens placed on the property being improved. This document is required to be recorded at the Official Records Office of the Orange County Comptroller located at 109 E. Church Street. You may call the records office at 407.836.5115 if you have any questions related to recording your document.

  • The Notice of Commencement process outlined below applies to:
    • A building permit for which the direct contract price is $2,500 or greater;
    • An electrical, fire, mechanical or plumbing/gas permit for which the direct contract price is greater than $7,500 and not related to a building permit for which a Notice of Commencement has been filed
  • A Notice of Commencement is not required with an electrical permit for temporary service/pole only or with a mechanical permit to repair/replace an existing heating or air conditioning system in an amount less than $7,500. FS 713.135(d).
  • A certified copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement or a notarized statement that it has been recorded is required to be posted on the job site and provided to this office prior to the first inspection.

*In order to avoid delays on your project, please ensure you Check the Status of the Permit.        DocHolds that may be placed on your project will have to be cleared prior to requesting the associated inspection the DocHold is tied to (this also includes requests for Certificate of Completion/Occupancy).