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Buddy Up

Buddy Up

Launched by Mayor Dyer and the Orlando Police Department in 2010, Buddy Up is an initiative aimed at educating children so they know how to avoid and react to dangerous situations.

The principles of Buddy Up are:

Stay Together
Children should travel in groups of two or more.

Know Your Info
Children should know their full name, address, home and parents’ work and cell phone numbers.

Be Aware
Children should be able to identify if a situation is dangerous.

Map It Out
Children should have a clearly defined route home from school and should be able to identify landmarks and safe places that they can go for help.

Use Your Voice
Children should say, “NO” when they feel uncomfortable or scared. Children should be taught to yell or scream when they are in danger.

Check In
Children should call their parents to let them know when they are on their way home or if their plan has changed.

For more information on Buddy Up, contact the Orlando Police Department at 407.246.3773.

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